Washington and his colleagues; a chronicle of the rise and fall of federalism eBook

Henry Jones Ford
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Little Sarah, ship,

Livermore, Samuel, of New Hampshire,

Livingston, Walter,

Louisiana territory,

McGillivray, Alexander, Head chief of the Creeks,

McHenry, James, of Maryland,

McIntosh, Lachlan,

Maclay, William, of Pennsylvania, Diary of,

Madison, James, cooperates with Hamilton in government organization,
  personal appearance, introduces scheme for raising revenue, upholds
  President’s power of removal, acts as advisor to Washington, opinion
  as to system of federal courts, stand on question of security of
  transfer, opinion on creation of a navy, “Helvidius,” attitude toward
  non-intercourse, drafts Virginia Resolutions (1798),

Marshall, John, opinion on neutrality of United States (1793), appointed
  commissioner to France, becomes Secretary of State,

Military preparedness, Policy of,

Monroe, James,

Morris, Gouverneur,

Morris, Robert,

Moultrie, William, General,

Murray, W.V., Minister to Holland,

Napoleon Bonaparte,

National Gazette,

Naval policy of the United States,

Neutrality, Question of (1793),

New York, desires to be capital of nation, Washington’s home in,

Nicholas, W.C., of Virginia,

Non-intercourse bill,

North Carolina admitted to the Union (1789),

O’Brien Richard, Captain,

O’Fallon, James, Dr.,

Osgood, Samuel, Postmaster-General,

Page, John, of Virginia,

Paine, Thomas,

Paterson, William, of New Jersey,

Philadelphia club,

Pickering, Timothy of Massachusetts,

Pinckney, C.C.,

Pinckney, Thomas,

President of the United States, social position and duties, official
  title, power of removal by,

Putnam, Rufus, General,

Randolph, Edmund, appointed Attorney-General, opinion on question of
  French treaty obligations, divides influence between factions in
  cabinet, transferred to State Department, letter to Washington,
  opinion as to enforcing law, applies to French minister for funds,

Republican party,

Residence act,

Rhode Island admitted to the Union (1790),

St. Clair, Arthur, General,

Sans Pareil, ship,

Sedgwick, Theodore, of Massachusetts,

Senate, privy council function of,

Short, William,

Smith, Samuel, of Maryland,

Smith, William, of South Carolina,

Spain, Treaty with (1795),

Stone, M.J., of Maryland,

Story, Joseph, Justice,


Tariff, see Finance.

Taylor, John,

Treasury Department, established by Congress, rights and duties of
  Secretary defined, Secretary’s report,

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