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Charles Foster Kent
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Books for Constant Reference.  The complete text of the biblical writings of the post-exilic period are found in Volumes ii to vi of the Student’s Old Testament.  A careful, thorough resume of the history is contained in Riggs’s History of the Jewish People during the Maccabean and Roman Periods.  Professor Bevan, in his Jerusalem Under the High Priests, presents, especially from the ecclesiastical point of view, a fresh survey of the history during the Greek and Maccabean periods.  The geographical background may be studied either in George Adam Smith’s Historical Geography of the Holy Land or in Kent’s Biblical Geography and History.

Additional Books of Reference:  Introductions and Commentaries.  In addition to the standard Old Testament introductions by McFadyen, Cornill, and Driver, the collection of monographs in Professor Torrey’s Ezra Studies will be found especially valuable.  The introduction, as well as the critical notes, in the brief yet scholarly volumes of the New Century Bible are exceedingly useful for the general reader.  More fundamental are the volumes in the International Critical Commentary. The introductions to the different books in Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible and the Encyclopedia Biblica are clear, concise, and written from the modern point of view.

Jewish and Contemporary History.  The thorough student of this period will find a wealth of suggestive material in Smith’s Old Testament History and in Schuerer’s monumental work, A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ.  The later development of Israel’s religion is presented in Marti’s Religion of the Old Testament, in the first part of Toy’s Judaism and Christianity, in Bousset’s Judaism, and in Charles’s Eschatology, Hebrew, Jewish and Christian.  An excellent survey of the contemporary history of the period is to be found in the History of the Ancient World by Goodspeed or in Meyer’s Ancient History. A more detailed treatment of the contemporary history will be found in the History of Greece by Curtius or by Holm.  The History of Rome is fully traced in the monumental works of Mommsen or Gibbon or the more recent study in The Greatness and Decline of Rome by Ferrero.  Briefer but equally reliable histories of Rome are those by Botsford, Horton, and Seignobos.



The General Questions, as in the preceding volumes, follow the main divisions of the book, and are intended to guide the student in collecting and co-ordinating the more important facts presented in the biblical text or in the notes.

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