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Charles Foster Kent
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were to awake and receive their glorious reward.  The apostates were to be sentenced to everlasting shame and contempt.  The wise teachers and martyrs who by word and example had striven to keep their race loyal to Jehovah were to be exalted in the coming messianic kingdom.  Thus these visions reveal the hopes that inspired certain of the Jewish race in its period of supreme trial:  the belief that Jehovah through his angel would speedily overthrow the power of the heathen persecutor, that he would establish a universal kingdom in which his own people should have chief place, and finally that even the bonds of death would not hold those who had died for the law.  Thus at last out of this struggle Judaism emerged with a new-found faith in individual immortality.  It was still bound up in the belief in the bodily resurrection, but at last the imperishable worth of the individual had become one of the cornerstones of Israel’s religion.


[Sidenote:  I Macc. 3:1-9] Then his son Judas, who was called Maccabeus, rose up in his place.  And all his brothers helped him, as did all those who had supported his father, and they fought with gladness the battle of Israel.

He spread far and wide the fame of his glory
And put on his breastplate like a giant,
And girded on his weapons of war,
And set battles in array,
Protecting the army with his sword. 
He was like a lion in his deeds,
And as a lion’s whelp roaring for prey. 
He pursued the lawless, seeking them out,
And he burnt up those who troubled his people. 
The lawless shrunk for fear of him,
And all the workers of lawlessness were greatly terrified;
And deliverance was attained through him. 
He angered many kings,
And made Jacob glad with his acts;
And his memory is blessed forever. 
He went about among the cities of Judah,
And destroyed the godless from the land,
And turned away the wrath of God from Israel. 
And he was renowned to the ends of the earth.

[Sidenote:  I Macc. 3:10-12] Then Apollonius gathered the heathen together and a great army from Samaria to fight against Israel.  And when Judas learned of it, he went out to meet him, and defeated and slew him; and many fell mortally wounded, while the rest fled.  And they captured their spoils, and Judas took the sword of Apollonius, with which he fought all his days.

[Sidenote:  I Macc. 3:13-15] When Seron, the commander of the army of Syria, heard that Judas had gathered a large force of faithful men about him, who went with him to war, he said, I will make myself famous and gain renown in the kingdom; for I will fight with Judas and those with him, who are defying the command of the king.  And there went up with him also a mighty army of the godless to help him, to take vengeance on the Israelites.

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