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Charles Foster Kent
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[Sidenote:  B. Sir. 1:1-10]
All wisdom is from the Lord,
And is with him forever. 
The sand of the seas, and the drops of rain,
And the days of eternity—­who shall number? 
The height of the heaven, and the breadth of the earth,
And the depths of the abyss—­who shall search them out? 
Wisdom hath been created before all things,
And keen insight from everlasting. 
To whom hath the root of wisdom been revealed? 
And who hath known her shrewd counsels? 
There is one wise, greatly to be feared,
The Lord sitting upon his throne,
He created her, and saw and numbered her,
And poured her out over all his works. 
She is with all flesh according to his gift,
And he giveth her freely to those who love him.

[Sidenote:  B. Sir. 2:1-5]
My son, if you would serve the Lord,
Prepare your soul for temptation. 
Set your heart aright, and be steadfast,
That you may not be dismayed in the time of calamity. 
Cleave to him, and depart not,
That you may prove yourself wise at the last. 
Accept whatever comes to you,
And be patient in sickness and affliction,
For gold is tried by the fire,
And acceptable men in the furnace of affliction.

[Sidenote:  B. Sir. 2:6-9]
Put your trust in the Lord, and he will help you,
Hope in him, and he will make smooth your way. 
You who fear the Lord, wait for his mercy,
And turn not aside lest you fall. 
You who fear the Lord trust in him,
And your reward shall not fail. 
You who fear the Lord, hope for good things,
And for eternal gladness and deliverance?

[Sidenote:  B. Sir. 3:17-20]
My son, if you are rich, walk in humility,
That you will be more beloved than a generous man. 
The greater you are, humble yourself the more,
And you shall find favor before the Lord. 
For great is the might of the Lord,
And he is glorified by those who are meek.

[Sidenote:  B. Sir. 3:21-25]
Seek not the things that are too hard for you,
And search not out things that are beyond you. 
That over which power has been given you, think thereon,
For you have no business with the things that are hidden. 
With that which is out of your field have nothing to do,
For more things are shown to you than you can understand. 
For men have many speculations,
And evil theories have led them astray. 
Where there is no pupil to the eye, the light fails,
And where there is no understanding, wisdom fails.

[Sidenote:  B. Sir. 3:26-29]
A stubborn heart fares ill at the last,
But he who loves the good finds it. 
A stubborn heart has many troubles,
And the overbearing heap sin upon sin. 
For the wound of the scorner there is no healing,
Since he is a plant of an evil kind. 
A wise mind understands the proverbs of the wise,
And an ear attentive to wisdom is a joy.

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