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Hear’st thou the uproar? 
The whole corps of the Pappenheimers is
Drawn out:  the younger Piccolomini,
Their colonel, they require:  for they affirm
That he is in the palace here, a prisoner;
And if thou dost not instantly deliver him,
They will find means to free him with the sword.

[All stand amazed.]


What shall we make of this?


Said I not so? 
O my prophetic heart! he is still here. 
He has not betray’d me—­he could not betray me. 
I never doubted of it.


If he be
Still here, then all goes well; for I know what

[Embracing THEKLA]

Will keep him here forever.


It can’t be. 
His father has betray’d us, is gone over
To the Emperor—­the son could not have ventured
To stay behind.

THEKLA (her eyes fixed on the door).

There he is!


To these enter MAX PICCOLOMINI


Yes! here he is!  I can endure no longer
To creep on tiptoe round this house, and lurk
In ambush for a favorable moment: 
This loitering, this suspense exceeds my powers.

[Advancing to THEKLA, who has thrown herself into her mother’s arms.]

Turn not thine eyes away.  O look upon me! 
Confess it freely before all.  Fear no one. 
Let who will hear that we both love each other;
Wherefore continue to conceal it?  Secrecy
Is for the happy—­misery, hopeless misery,
Needeth no veil!  Beneath a thousand suns
It dares act openly.

[He observes the COUNTESS looking on THEKLA with expressions of triumph.]

No, Lady!  No! 
Expect not, hope it not.  I am not come
To stay:  to bid farewell, farewell forever. 
For this I come!  ’Tis over!  I must leave thee! 
Thekla, I must—­must leave thee!  Yet thy hatred
Let me not take with me.  I pray thee, grant me
One look of sympathy, only one look. 
Say that thou dost not hate me.  Say it to me,

[Grasps her hand.]

O God!  I cannot leave this spot—­I cannot! 
Cannot let go this hand.  O tell me, Thekla! 
That thou dost suffer with me, art convinced
That I cannot act otherwise.

[THEKLA, avoiding his look, points with her hand to her father.  MAX turns round to the Duke, whom he had not till then perceived.]

Thou here?  It was not thou whom here I sought. 
I trusted never more to have beheld thee. 
My business is with her alone.  Here will I
Receive a full acquittal from this heart—­
For any other I am no more concern’d.


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