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Where are they! 
No one is here.  They leave me all alone,
Alone in this sore anguish of suspense. 
And I must wear the outward show of calmness
Before my sister, and shut in within me
The pangs and agonies of my crowded bosom. 
It is not to be borne.  If all should fail;
If—­if he must go over to the Swedes,
An empty-handed fugitive, and not
As an ally, a covenanted equal,
A proud commander with his army following,
If we must wander on from land to land,
Like the Count Palatine, of fallen greatness
An ignominious monument!  But no! 
That day I will not see!  And could himself
Endure to sink so low, I would not bear
To see him so low sunken.



THEKLA (endeavoring to hold back the DUCHESS).

Dear mother, do stay here!


No!  Here is yet
Some frightful mystery that is hidden from me. 
Why does my sister shun me?  Don’t I see her
Full of suspense and anguish roam about
From room to room?  Art thou not full of terror? 
And what import these silent nods and gestures
Which stealthwise thou exchangest with her?


Nothing, dear mother!


Sister, I will know.


What boots it now to hide it from her?  Sooner
Or later she must learn to hear and bear it. 
’Tis not the time now to indulge infirmity;
Courage beseems us now, a heart collect,
And exercise and previous discipline
Of fortitude.  One word, and over with it! 
Sister, you are deluded.  You believe
The Duke has been deposed—­the Duke is not
Deposed—­he is—­

THEKLA (going to the COUNTESS).

What? do you wish to kill her?


The Duke is—­

THEKLA (throwing her arms round her mother).

O stand firm; stand firm, my mother!


Revolted is the Duke; he is preparing
To join the enemy; the army leave him,
And all has fail’d.


A spacious Room in the Duke of Friedland’s Palace.

WALLENSTEIN (in armor).

Thou hast gain’d thy point, Octavio!  Once more am I
Almost as friendless as at Regensburg. 
There I had nothing left me, but myself;
But what one man can do, you have now experience. 
The twigs have you hew’d off, and here I stand
A leafless trunk.  But in the sap within
Lives the creating power, and a new world
May sprout forth from it.  Once already have I
Proved myself worth an army to you—­I alone! 
Before the Swedish strength your troops had melted;
Beside the Lech sank Tilly your last hope;
Into Bavaria like a winter torrent,

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