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And both the mighty Lumina by no
Maleficus affronted.  Lo!  Saturnus,
Innocuous, powerless, in cadente Domo.


The empire of Saturnus is gone by;
Lord of the secret birth of things is he
Within the lap of earth, and in the depths
Of the imagination dominates;
And his are all things that eschew the light. 
The time is o’er of brooding and contrivance,
For Jupiter, the lustrous, lordeth now,
And the dark work, complete of preparation,
He draws by force into the realm of light. 
Now must we hasten on to action, ere
The scheme and most auspicious positure
Parts o’er my head, and takes once more its flight,
For the heavens journey still, and sojourn not.

[There are knocks at the door.]

There’s some one knocking there.  See who it is.

TERZKY (from without).

Open, and let me in.


Ay—­’tis Terzky. 
What is there of such urgence?  We are busy.

[Illustration:  WALLENSTEIN AND TERZKY As performed at the Municipal Theatre, Hamburg, 1906.]

TERZKY (from without).

Lay all aside at present, I entreat you. 
It suffers no delaying.


Open, Seni!

[While SENI opens the door for TERZKY, WALLENSTEIN draws the curtain over the figures.]



TERZKY (enters).

Hast thou already heard it?  He is taken. 
Gallas has given him up to the Emperor.

         [SENI draws off the black table, and exit.]


Who has been taken?  Who is given up?


The man who knows our secrets, who knows every
Negotiation with the Swede and Saxon,
Through whose hands all and everything has pass’d—­

WALLENSTEIN (drawing back).

Nay, not Sesina?—­Say, No!  I entreat thee.


All on his road for Regensburg to the Swede
He was plunged down upon by Gallas’ agent,
Who had been long in ambush, lurking for him. 
There must have been found on him my whole packet
To Thur, to Kinsky, to Oxenstiern, to Arnheim: 
All this is in their hands; they have now an insight
Into the whole—­our measures and our motives.


To them enters ILLO.


Has he heard it?


He has heard it.


Thinkest thou still
To make thy peace with the Emperor, to regain
His confidence?  E’en were it now thy wish
To abandon all thy plans, yet still they know
What thou hast wish’d:  then forwards thou must press,
Retreat is now no longer in thy power.

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