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The Winnebagos stood dumb with dismay and Sahwah nearly strangled with mingled rage and disappointment.

“We’re finished, as far as the contest is concerned,” said Agony gloomily.

Sahwah turned her back sharply and winked her eyes hard to keep the tears from falling.  She had worked so hard to build Many Eyes, and here was all her work gone for nothing, all on account of that fiendish goat!

“Somebody will have to go and tell the Scouts that we withdraw our entry, I suppose,” said Migwan.

“Yes, and maybe they won’t believe that the goat smashed it,” said Agony darkly.  “Maybe they’ll think we fell down on making a kite, or got cold feet or something.”

Sahwah’s eyes flashed and she whirled around fiercely, galvanized into action by Agony’s words.  “That Scout I was talking to was so sure we couldn’t make a kite, and I was just aching to show him!” she said with tragic emphasis.  Then resolution kindled in her eyes.  “I said we were going into that contest, and we are!  They’ll never get a chance to say we backed down!  I’m going to make another kite!”

“Oh, Sahwah, there isn’t time,” said Hinpoha hopelessly.  “It’s twelve o’clock already and the contest starts at two.”

“Two hours!” replied Sahwah.  “I can make one in two hours.”

“But you haven’t had your lunch——­” began Hinpoha.

“Lunch!” exclaimed Sahwah scornfully.  “Who wants any lunch?  I’m going to build another kite!”

She sped into the house and in a few moments was busy nailing together another frame while the rest of the Winnebagos stood around and handed her tacks, paper, paste, and everything as she needed it.  By half past one another Primitive Woman had been evolved by her flying fingers, Migwan and Gladys hastily constructing the tail while Sahwah made the kite proper.

“I believe I’d have time to paint a face on her,” said Hinpoha.  She seized her brush and put in an eye with rapid strokes.  The clock chimed a quarter to two and Sahwah started up nervously.

“There isn’t time to do any more, Hinnpoha,” she said.  “We’ll just have time to get there now.  She’ll just have to go as she is.”

“But can you call her Many Eyes if she only has one eye?” objected Hinpoha.

“Never mind what we call her,” said Sahwah.  “She’s a kite, and that’s all she needs to be.  Call her One Eye if you like.  What have you put in her tail?”

“Some of those little sample bags of salt,” replied Migwan.  “They were the only things we could find to put in as weights.”

“Salt’s bad luck!” wailed Hinpoha.  “Oh, whatever did you take salt for?”

“Too late to change now,” said Sahwah.

Agony looked scornfully at the new edition of Many Eyes.  “For goodness’ sake, you aren’t going to enter that thing in the contest?” she exclaimed when she saw it.  “Why, it looks perfectly crazy.  Everybody will laugh at it.  I’d rather stay out of the contest than enter such a looking kite.  It looks like a scarecrow!  For goodness’ sake, don’t enter that!”

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