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She poked the last embers of the fire into a little blaze, and the light and the lively measures of the song took Oh-Pshaw’s mind off the gurgling water.

  “Cross my heart, Mammy Moon,
  Termorrer I’ll be an angel coon,
  I’ll be a chile dat’ll make you smile,
  Good—­o-l-e Mam-my M-o-o-n!”

The circle all lay down with their heads on each other’s shoulders in the drowsy attitude with which the song closes, and then Gladys’s clear voice rose in the melody of the Camp Fire Girls’ own lullaby, sung to the music of an Ojibway love song: 

  “In the still night, far, far below,
  The drowsy wavelets come and go,
  They weave a dream spell round Wohelo.

  “Mid the pine trees, the long night through,
  The wandering breezes croon to you,
  They breathe a sleep charm of mist and dew.

  “Heaven broods o’er you with stars aglow,
  The hearts of Night is beating low,
  Wokanda watches o’er Wohelo. 
  Wokanda watches o’er Wohelo!”

Then the last ember burned out into darkness and with the aid of their little bug lights they stole home through the shadowy woods; Sahwah carrying Many Eyes in her arms and confident she was a winner; Agony filled with a great elation because her ambition to become a Torch Bearer would soon be realized; Oh-Pshaw sadly wishing she were a born leader like her sister; and Nyoda, walking with them, guessed what was in the mind of each and her heart went out to them in tender love as the heart of a shepherd goes out to his sheep.



“What a grand day, and the wind just right,” exulted Sahwah on Saturday noon as the Winnebagos were hastening home from military drill.  “It was just made for flying kites.”

“Are Slim and the Captain coming?” asked Hinpoha.

“They said they were,” replied Sahwah.

“Father’s coming, too,” said Agony.  “He came home this morning.  He said he would get Mr. Prince to come along with him.”

“Oh, dear, I do hope we win, with him there!” said Hinpoha.  “But I don’t see how Many Eyes can help winning, with the four leaf clover and all the good luck signs tied to her tail,” she finished confidently.  Hinpoha believed firmly in the potency of her charms.

But alas for charms and good luck signs!  Maybe the Fates stand in awe of them, but they are powerless in the case of a goat.  The Winnebagos reached home just in time to see Many Eyes, impaled on Kaiser Bill’s horns, borne swiftly through the garden toward the stable.  Sahwah shrieked and darted in pursuit, whereupon the Kaiser collided with a tree and drove his whole head and shoulders through the paper form of Many Eyes and splintered her ribs like toothpicks.  Then he dashed round and round the garden at top speed, scattering bits of her tail in his wake.  By the time he had finally been subdued with an open umbrella there was not enough left of Many Eyes to know that she had ever been a kite.

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