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We all of us, plain folk and learned alike, now make a picture for ourselves of the globe with its hemispheres of light and shadow, from every point of which the telegraph brings us hourly news, and which may already be more real to us than the fields and houses past which we hurry in the train.  We can all see it, hanging and turning in the monstrous emptiness of the skies, and obedient to forces whose action we can watch hundreds of light-years away and feel in the beating of our hearts.  The sharp new evidence of the camera brings every year nearer to us its surface of ice and rock and plain, and the wondering eyes of alien peoples.

It may be that we shall long continue to differ as to the full significance of this vision.  But now that we can look at it without helpless pain it may stir the deepest impulses of our being.  To some of us it may bring confidence in that Love that Dante saw, ’which moves the Sun and the other Stars.’  To each of us it may suggest a kinder pity for all the bewildered beings who hand on from generation to generation the torch of conscious life.


Abyssinia, Italian invasion of,
Acland, Mr.,
Adams, John Quincy,
America, appointment of non-elected officials in,
  Civil Service,
  science and politics in,
  tendency to electoral concentration in,
Ampthill, Lord,
Aristotle, comparison of State to a ship,
  criticism of Plato’s communism,
  definition of ‘polity’,
  maximum size of a State,
  on action as the end of politics,
  on political affection,
Athens, glassmakers of,
  Sophocles’ love of,
Austin, John,

Bacon, Francis,
  Atlantis of,
Bagehot, Walter,
Balfour, Mr. A.J.,
  Mr. Jabez,
Balliol College,
Barrie, Mr. J.M.,
Bentham, Jeremy,
  Macaulay’s attack on,
  on criminology,
  on ‘natural right,’
  Principles of Morals and Legislation,
Benthamism, as a science of politics,
Berlin, Congress of, 1885,
  and artificial homogeneity of national type,
  on political egoism,
Bolingbroke, Lord,
Botha, General,
Breeding, selective,
Brighton Parade,
British Empire, difficulty of conceiving as a political entity,
  national homogeneity in,
  political status of non-European races in,
Bronte, Charlotte,
Bryan, Mr. W.J.,
Bryce, Mr. James,
Buckle, H.T.,
Buelow, Prince, on dominance of Prussia,
  on private and national morality,
  on universal suffrage,
Burke, Edmund,
  on man’s power of political reasoning,
  on ‘party,’
Burney, Fanny,
Burns, Robert,
Butler, Bishop,

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