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But all shrank back in terror from the King,
Who stood in frenzied madness there alone.

Then Parsifal drew near, and slowly spake: 
“Only one weapon serves to kill that pain. 
The one that struck can staunch thy wound again!”

And with the sacred Spear he touched the King. 
And lo! a miracle of healing power!—­
The wound was staunched and a deep thrill of love
Changed agony to rapture all divine.

And Parsifal spake on:  “Thou art forgiven. 
Body and soul are cleansed by God’s free grace
Thy life for evermore shall happy be
Within the service of the Holy Grail. 
But never more as King, for I have come
To take thy place as God hath so decreed. 
Thy sorrows shall be blessings unto thee,
For thus by pity was the guileless ’lightened,
And God’s own Son was perfect made by pain. 
Knights of the Grail, behold the sacred Spear! 
God gave it me but to restore to you!”

And all with reverent joy beheld the Spear,
And thanked the Lord that it had come again
To bring the golden days of health and power. 
And as they looked in rapture and in awe,
The Spear-point seemed to glow with holy fire
And sparkled, turning red like flowing blood.

And Parsifal spoke on:  “O miracle
And marvel of the holy power of God. 
This sacred Spear is flowing with the blood,
The very blood of that same wondrous Saviour,
That floweth in the crystal of the Grail. 
The double blessing shall its glory give. 
Open the shrine!  Reveal the Holy Grail!”

And quick the sacred shrine was opened wide
And Parsifal long knelt in silent prayer,
Absorbed in holy rapture at the sight.

Then suddenly the heavenly splendor fell
And flamed and glowed within the sacred Cup,
While wondrous glory flooded all the hall
And filled each heart with deep and holy joy. 
And from the lofty dome a dove descended,
And hovered lovingly o’er Parsifal.

Thus Parsifal was crowned of God and man,
And slowly did he lift the Holy Grail,
The red blood glowing with its wondrous light,
And waved it in the air before the knights,
Who knelt around him, praising God on high. 
And there had Kundry come with new-found faith
And crept within the splendor of the Grail
And, with its light upon her, died,—­redeemed!

And still did Parsifal hold up the Grail,
Seeming a vision of the very Christ,
His crimson mantle changed to lustrous whiteness. 
His lips seemed speaking loving benediction;
And marvellous the red glow of the Grail;
And beautiful the white dove soaring there. 
While from the heights the softest voices sang: 

  “Highest wonder! blest salvation! 
   Praise the Lord for our redemption!”


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