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 “Take ye, and drink My blood,
    In vow no death can sever! 
  Take ye, My body eat,
    In love to live forever! 
  Remember ye My life and love,
  And raise your hearts to Me above!”

And as the verse was ended, came a ray
Of dazzling light upon the crystal Cup,
And filled it with a radiant purple glory. 
And with it came a streaming splendor down
That flashed a lustrous beauty all around. 
And King Amfortas, with a brightening face,
Upraised the Holy Grail, and gently waved
Its glory to all sides.  And all did kneel,
And raised their eyes in joyous reverence
Toward that bright glory in the darkened room.

And once again the aged Titurel’s voice: 
“O rapturous vision of the grace of God!”

Then King Amfortas placed the Cup again
Upon the altar-table of the shrine,
And it was covered with the crimson cloth. 
And from the silver flagons of the wine
And from the baskets of the sacred bread,
New consecrated by the Grail’s own light,
Each knight received his portion gratefully,
And all sat down to eat the feast divine. 
Then Gurnemanz did beckon to the lad
To come and eat.  But he was all amazed,
And silent stood, nor heeded the kind word.

While from the height, boys’ voices came again: 

 “Wine and bread of consecration,
  Once the Lord for our salvation
  Changed for love and pity’s sake
  To the blood which He did shed,
  To the body which He brake.”

And answering them, the younger knights replied
In sweet antiphony amid the feast: 
 “Blood and body, gift of blessing,
  Now He gives for your refreshing,
  Changes by His spirit true
  To the wine for you outpoured,
  To the bread that strengthens you.”

And still in answer did the knights respond,
One group in joyous answer to the other: 

   “Take ye the bread,
    Change it again,
  Your powers of life inspiring;
    Do as He said,
    Quit you like men,
  To work out the Lord’s desiring.

   “Take of the wine,
    Change it anew
  To life’s impetuous torrent;
    This be the sign,
    Faithful and true,—­
  To fight as duty shall warrant!”

Then all the knights, with rapture in their hearts,
Rose joyfully and clasped each other’s hands
And gave each other the blest kiss of peace,
And from their lips and from the dome’s great height,
And from the younger knights the chorus broke: 
   “Blessed believing! 
    Blessed the loving! 
    Blessed the loving! 
    Blessed believing!”

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