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[96] Henri de Talleyrand, Prince de Chalais, was a younger son of the illustrious house of Talleyrand, whose personal attractions had secured to him the favour of Louis XIII, by whom he was appointed Grand Master of the Wardrobe.

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[104] Louis de Marillac was Gentleman in ordinary of the Bedchamber to Henri IV, and greatly distinguished himself by his valour alike under that sovereign and his successor Louis XIII.  He was created Marshal of France in 1629; and was arrested in the camp of Felizzo, in Piedmont, in 1632, for having, as was asserted, volunteered to assassinate Richelieu with his own hand, when he voted against him in the assembly known as the “Day of Dupes.”  On the 8th of May in the same year he was condemned to lose his head; a sentence which was carried into execution in the Place de Greve; but his character was subsequently vindicated by a decree of the Parliament after the death of the Cardinal.

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[106] Charles, Duc de Nevers, succeeded Vincent II, Duke of Mantua, who, dying without issue on the 24th of December 1628, solemnly appointed him his heir.

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Richelieu resolves to undermine the power of Austria—­State of Europe—­Opposition of the Queen-mother to a new war—­Perseverance of the Cardinal—­Anne of Austria joins the faction of Marie de Medicis—­Gaston is appointed General of the royal army—­Richelieu retires from the Court—­Alarm of Louis XIII—­A King and his minister—­Louis leaves Paris for the seat of war—­Monsieur is deprived of his command, and retires to Dauphiny—­Marie de Gonzaga is sent to the fortress of Vincennes—­Monsieur consents to forego his marriage until it shall receive the royal sanction, and the Princess returns to the Louvre—­Marie is invested with a partial regency—­Forebodings of the Cardinal—­Termination of the campaign—­Renewed discord—­Richelieu becomes jealous of Bassompierre—­Louis abandons his army, and is followed by the minister—­Counterplots—­An

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