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[88] Michel de Marillac was born in 1563.  He was successively Councillor in the Parliament of Paris, Master of the Court of Requests, Councillor of State, Superintendent of Finance, and Keeper of the Seals (1626).  Four years subsequently he was involved in the disgrace of his brother the Marechal de Marillac, and was compelled to resign the seals (1630).  He was then conveyed to the fortress of Caen, whence he was finally removed to that of Chateaudun, where he died of grief on the 7th of August 1632.  He was the author of the Code Michau, a translation of the Psalms into French verse, and several other works.

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Death of James I.—­The Princesse Henriette is married by proxy to Charles I.—­The Duke of Buckingham arrives in France to conduct his young sovereign to her new country—­An arrogant suitor—­Departure of the English Queen—­Indisposition of Marie de Medicis—­Arrival of Henriette in London—­Growing power of Richelieu—­Suspicions of the Queen-mother—­Influence of the Jesuit Berulle over Marie de Medicis—­Richelieu urges Monsieur to conclude his marriage with Mademoiselle de Montpensier—­Character of Gaston—­He refuses to accept the hand of the lady—­Arrest of M. d’Ornano—­Vengeance of Richelieu—­Indignation of Monsieur—­Alarm of the Queen-mother—­Pusillanimity of Gaston—­Arrest of the Vendome Princes—­Edicts issued against the great nobles—­Sumptuary laws—­Execution of the Comte de Bouteville—­The reign of Richelieu—­Policy of Marie and her minister—­Distrust of the King—­Conspiracy against the Cardinal—­Richelieu threatens to retire from office—­A diplomatic drama—­Triumph of the Cardinal—­Execution of Chalais—­Heartlessness of Gaston—­Monsieur consents to an alliance with Mademoiselle de Montpensier—­A royal marriage—­The victims of Richelieu—­Marie de Medicis and the Cardinal endeavour to increase the dissension between Louis XIII and his Queen—­Exile of the Duchesse de Joyeuse—­Accusation against Anne of Austria—­She becomes a state prisoner—­Subtlety of Richelieu—­Anticipated rupture with England—­Embassy of Bassompierre—­Death of the Duc de Lesdiguieres—­Favour of Saint-Simon—­Pregnancy of the Duchesse d’Orleans—­Dissolute conduct of Monsieur—­Birth of Mademoiselle—­Death of Madame—­Marie

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