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joins the Spanish army—­Munificence of Isabella—­Gaston marches upon Burgundy—­Remonstrance of Montmorency—­An ill-planned campaign—­Battle of Castelnaudary—­Slaughter of the rebel leaders—­Cowardice of Monsieur—­Montmorency is made prisoner—­Gaston endeavours to make terms with the King—­He abandons the cause of his mother, and that of his allies—­He stipulates for the pardon of Montmorency—­Richelieu refuses the condition—­The treaty is signed by Monsieur—­Jealousy of Louis XIII—­The miniature—­Montmorency is conveyed to Toulouse, and put upon his trial—­Double-dealing of the Cardinal—­Obduracy of the King—­Execution of Montmorency—­Despair of the Queen-mother—­Death of the Comtesse du Fargis—­The Jesuit Chanteloupe and Madame de Comballet—­A new conspiracy—­The Archduchess Isabella refuses to deliver up the servants of Marie de Medicis—­Gaston retires to Burgundy.



Monsieur returns to Flanders—­The Queen-mother retires in displeasure to Malines—­Influence of Chanteloupe—­Selfishness of Monsieur—­Death of Gustavus Adolphus—­Richelieu seeks to withdraw the Queen-mother and her son from the protection of Spain—­Marie is urged to retire to Florence—­The Tuscan envoy—­Two diplomatists—­Mortification of the Queen-mother—­She desires to seek an asylum in England—­Charles I. hesitates to grant her request—­Helpless position of Marie de Medicis-The iron rule of Richelieu—­The Cardinal-dramatist—­Gaston avows his marriage to the King—­Louis enters Lorraine, and takes Nancy-Madame escapes to the Low Countries—­Her reception at the Court of Brussels—­Marie de Medicis takes up her residence at Ghent—­Serious indisposition of the Queen-mother—­She solicits the attendance of her physician Vautier, and is refused—­Hypocrisy of the Cardinal—­Indignation of the dying Queen—­She rejects the terms of reconciliation offered by the King—­Attachment of her adherents—­Richelieu negotiates the return of Gaston to France—­The favourite of Monsieur—­Gaston refuses to annul his marriage—­Alfeston is broken on the wheel for attempting the life of the Cardinal—­The Queen-mother is accused of instigating the murder—­The bodyguard of the Cardinal-Minister is increased—­Estrangement of Monsieur and his mother—­Madame endeavours to effect the dismissal of Puylaurens—­Insolence of the favourite—­Heartlessness of Monsieur—­Marie solicits permission to return to France—­She is commanded as a condition to abandon her followers, and refuses—­Death of the Archduchess Isabella—­Gaston negotiates, and consents to the most humiliating concessions.



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