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of the campaign—­Renewed discord—­Richelieu becomes jealous of Bassompierre—­Louis abandons his army, and is followed by the minister—­Counterplots—­An offended mistress and an ex-favourite—­A hollow peace—­Gaston retires to the Court of Lorraine, where he becomes enamoured of the Princesse Marguerite—­The Cardinal invites him to return to Paris—­Monsieur accepts the proposed conditions—­The French troops march upon Piedmont—­Richelieu is appointed Lieutenant-General of the royal forces in Italy—­The King resolves to follow him—­Anxiety of Marie de Medicis to avoid a rupture with Spain—­Dissensions between the two Queens—­Mademoiselle de Hautefort—­Failing influence of Marie de Medicis—­Self-distrust of the King—­The Queen-mother endeavours to effect a reconciliation between her sons.



Gaston returns to France—­Precarious position of the French armies—­Death of the Duke of Savoy—­The French besiege Pignerol—­Richelieu urges the King to possess himself of the Duchy of Savoy—­Marie de Medicis opposes the measure—­Louis XIII overruns Savoy—­The French lose Mantua—­Jules Mazarin—­The King is attacked by fever at Lyons—­Moral effects of his indisposition—­He consents to dismiss the Cardinal from office—­Reconciliation of the royal family—­The Court return to the capital—­Richelieu endeavours to regain the favour of the Queen-mother—­Policy of Marie—­Richelieu seeks to effect the disgrace of Marillac—­The two Queens unite their interests—­Meeting of the royal brothers—­Gaston inveighs bitterly against the Cardinal—­The Queen-mother takes up her abode at the Luxembourg—­Louis proceeds in state to bid her welcome—­Monsieur publicly affronts Richelieu—­A treaty is concluded with Italy—­Public rejoicings in Paris—­Marie dismisses the Cardinal and his relations from her household—­A drama at Court—­Richelieu prepares to leave Paris; but is dissuaded, and follows the King to Versailles—­Exultation of the citizens at the anticipated overthrow of the Cardinal-Minister—­The courtiers crowd the Luxembourg—­Bassompierre at fault—­Triumph of Richelieu—­Hypocrisy of the Cardinal—­“The Day of Dupes”—­A regal minister—­The Marillacs are disgraced—­Anne of Austria is suspected of maintaining a secret correspondence with Spain—­Gaston conspires with the two Queens against Richelieu—­Divided state of the French Court—­A fete at the Louvre.



Richelieu interdicts all correspondence between Anne of Austria and the King of Spain—­The Queen asks permission to retire to the Val de Grace—­Her persecution by the Cardinal—­Marie de Medicis protects her interests—­Monsieur pledges himself to support her cause—­Gaston defies the minister—­Alarm of Richelieu—­He resolves to effect the exile of the Queen-mother—­Monsieur quits the capital—­Superstition of Marie de Medicis—­An unequal struggle—­Father

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