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Death of James I.—­The Princesse Henriette is married by proxy to Charles I—­The Duke of Buckingham arrives in France to conduct his young sovereign to her new country—­An arrogant suitor—­Departure of the English Queen—­Indisposition of Marie de Medicis—­Arrival of Henriette in London—­Growing power of Richelieu—­Suspicions of the Queen-mother—­Influence of the Jesuit Berulle over Marie de Medicis—­Richelieu urges Monsieur to conclude his marriage with Mademoiselle de Montpensier—­Character of Gaston—­He refuses to accept the hand of the lady—­Arrest of M. d’Ornano—­Vengeance of Richelieu—­Indignation of Monsieur—­Alarm of the Queen-mother—­Pusillanimity of Gaston—­Arrest of the Vendome Princes—­Edicts issued against the great nobles—­Sumptuary laws—­Execution of the Comte de Bouteville—­The reign of Richelieu—­Policy of Marie and her minister—­Distrust of the King—­Conspiracy against the Cardinal—­Richelieu threatens to retire from office—­A diplomatic drama—­Triumph of the Cardinal—­Execution of Chalais—­Heartlessness of Gaston—­Monsieur consents to an alliance with Mademoiselle de Montpensier—­A royal marriage—­The victims of Richelieu—­Marie de Medicis and the Cardinal endeavour to increase the dissension between Louis XIII and his Queen—­Exile of the Duchesse de Joyeuse-Accusation against Anne of Austria—­She becomes a state prisoner—­Subtlety of Richelieu—­Anticipated rupture with England—­Embassy of Bassompierre—­Death of the Duc de Lesdiguieres—­Favour of Saint-Simon—­Pregnancy of the Duchesse d’Orleans—­Dissolute conduct of Monsieur—­Birth of Mademoiselle—­Death of Madame—­Marie de Medicis seeks to effect a marriage between Monsieur and a Florentine Princess—­Buckingham lands in France, but is repulsed—­Illness of Louis XIII—­Disgust of the Duc d’Orleans—­Louis wearies of the camp—­He is incensed against the Cardinal—­The King returns to Paris—­Monsieur affects a passion for the Princesse Marie de Gonzaga, which alarms the sovereign—­His distrust of the Queen-mother—­Marie de Medicis withdraws her confidence from the Cardinal—­Mother and son—­Louis returns to La Rochelle—­The city capitulates—­Triumphal entry of Louis XIII into Paris—­Exhortation of the Papal Nuncio.



Richelieu resolves to undermine the power of Austria—­State of Europe—­Opposition of the Queen-mother to a new war—­Perseverance of the Cardinal—­Anne of Austria joins the faction of Marie de Medicis-Gaston is appointed General of the royal army—­Richelieu retires from the Court—­Alarm of Louis XIII—­A King and his minister—­Louis leaves Paris for the seat of war—­Monsieur is deprived of his command, and retires to Dauphiny—­Marie de Gonzaga is sent to the fortress of Vincennes—­Monsieur consents to forego his marriage until it shall receive the royal sanction, and the Princess returns to the Louvre—­Marie is invested with a partial regency—­Forebodings of the Cardinal—­Termination

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