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Attempt to secure a cardinal’s hat for Richelieu frustrated by De Luynes—­Death of Philip iii of Spain—­De Luynes is created Connetable de France—­Discontent of the great nobles—­Disgust of the Marechal de Lesdiguieres—­The Protestants of Bearn rise against their oppressors—­The royal troops march against them—­They are worsted, and despoiled of their fortified places—­The King becomes jealous of his favourite—­Le Roi Luynes—­Domestic dissensions—­The favourite is threatened with disgrace—­Cruelty of Louis XIII—­Death of De Luynes—­Louis determines to exterminate the Protestants—­A struggle for power—­Prudence of Bassompierre—­Conde encourages the design of the King—­The old ministers are recalled—­They join with the Queen-mother in her attempt to conclude a peace with the reformed party—­Marie de Medicis solicits a share in the government—­The King complies, but refuses to sanction the admission of Richelieu to the Council—­The Duchesse de Luynes and Anne of Austria—­Frustrated hopes—­Conde aspires to the French throne—­Louis XIII leaves the capital by stealth in order to join the army at Nantes—­The Queen-mother prepares to follow him, but is overtaken by illness—­Ruthless persecution of the Protestants—­Siege of La Rochelle—­Venality of the Protestant leaders—­Indignation of the Catholic nobles—­Resistance of the citizens of Montpellier—­Military incapacity of Conde—­The Duc de Rohan negotiates a peace, and Conde retires to Rome—­Montpellier opens its gates to the King—­Bad faith of Louis XIII—­Triumphal entry of the King at Lyons—­Marriage of the Marquis de la Valette and Mademoiselle de Verneuil—­Richelieu is created a cardinal—­Exultation of the Queen-mother—­Death of the President Jeannin—­Prospects of Richelieu—­His duplicity—­Misplaced confidence of Marie de Medicis—­Louis XIII returns to Paris—­Change in the Ministry—­Anne of Austria and the Prince of Wales—­The Queen-mother and her faction endeavour to accomplish the ruin of the Chancellor, and succeed—­Richelieu is admitted to the Council—­Indignation of Conde—­Richelieu becomes all-powerful—­His ingratitude to the Queen-mother—­The Queen-mother is anxious to effect a matrimonial alliance with England—­Richelieu seconds her views—­The King of Spain applies for the hand of the Princesse Henriette for Don Carlos—­His demand is negatived by the Cardinal-Minister—­La Vieuville is dismissed from the Ministry—­Duplicity of Louis XIII—­Arrest of La Vieuville—­Change of ministers—­Petticoat intrigues—­The Duc d’Anjou solicits the hand of Mademoiselle de Montpensier—­The alliance is opposed by the Guises and forbidden by the King.



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