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M. de Mayenne to remove Marie de Medicis from the keeping of the Due d’Epernon—­Discontent of the citizens—­Louis XIII enters into a negotiation with his mother—­She rejects his conditions—­Richelieu offers himself as a mediator, and is accepted—­The royal forces march on Angouleme—­Marie prepares for resistance—­The Princes withdraw from her cause—­Schomberg proposes to blow up the powder-magazine at Angouleme—­Critical position of the Queen-mother—­She appeals to the Protestants, but is repulsed—­Schomberg takes up arms against the Due d’Epernon—­Alarm of Marie de Medicis—­Richelieu proceeds to Angouleme—­He regains the confidence of the Queen—­Successful intrigue of Richelieu—­Marie is deserted by several of her friends—­A treaty of peace is concluded between the King and his mother—­The envoy of Marie incurs the displeasure of Louis XIII—­The malcontents rally round the Queen-mother—­The Princes of Piedmont visit Marie at Angouleme—­Their reception—­Magnificence of the Due d’Epernon—­The Queen-mother refuses to quit Angouleme—­Ambition of Richelieu—­Weakness of Marie de Medicis—­Father Joseph endeavours to induce the Queen-mother to return to the Court—­She is encouraged in her refusal by Richelieu—­The rival Queens—­Marie leaves Angouleme—­Her parting with the Due d’Epernon—­She is received at Poitiers by the Cardinal de Retz and the Due de Luynes—­The Prince de Conde offers the hand of his sister Eleonore de Bourbon to the brother of De Luynes as the price of his liberation—–­The sword of the Prince is restored to him—­Duplicity of the favourite—­Marie resolves to return to Angouleme, but is dissuaded by her friends—­The Duc de Mayenne espouses the cause of the Queen-mother—­A royal meeting—­Return of the Court to Tours—­Marie proceeds to Chinon, and thence to Angers—­The Protestants welcome the Queen-mother to Anjou—­Alarm of De Luynes—­Liberation of the Prince de Conde—­Indignation of Marie de Medicis—­Policy of Richelieu—­De Luynes solicits the return of the Queen-mother to the capital—­She refuses to comply—­De Luynes is made Governor of Picardy—­His brothers are ennobled.

The Duc d’Epernon, to whom had been confided the important task of effecting the escape of the Queen-mother from her fortress-prison, had discussed all the necessary measures with the Abbe Rucellai, who had, as we have stated, acquired his entire confidence; and his first step was to request permission of the King to leave Metz (where he had been ordered to remain for the purpose of watching the movements in Germany), and to proceed to Angouleme.  But as he was aware that this permission would be refused, he did not await a reply, and commenced his journey on the 22nd of January (1619), accompanied by a hundred gentlemen well armed, forty guards, and his personal attendants; taking with him the sum of eight thousand pistoles together with the whole of his jewels.  In consequence of the amount of his baggage he was not enabled to travel more than ten leagues each day; but as no impediment presented itself, he arrived safely at Confolens in Poitou, where he was joined by his son the Archbishop of Toulouse, who was awaiting him in that city with the principal nobles of his several governments.[24]

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