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[205] Leon Bouthillier, Comte de Chavigny, the son of Claude Bouthillier, Superintendent of Finance, was in 1634 Secretary of State.  Louis XIII, in his will, appointed him Minister of State, and Member of the Council of Regency, but he was some time afterwards dismissed from office, together with his father.  Leon Bouthillier died in 1652.

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[208] Luc, Vicomte de Fabbroni, was a celebrated astrologer, who attached himself to the fortunes of Marie de Medicis, to whom he had, on several occasions, predicted the early death of Louis XIII, the accession of Gaston d’Orleans, and her own restoration to regal power.

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Richelieu resolves to accomplish the disgrace of Puylaurens—­Gaston proceeds to Paris during the Carnival, and his favourite is arrested in the Louvre—­He is conveyed to Vincennes, where he dies—­The Queen-mother and Madame take up their abode at Antwerp—­Marie de Medicis solicits the protection of the Pope—­Her letter is coldly received—­She is accused by Richelieu of favouring the Spanish cause—­She endeavours to dissuade Louis XIII from a war with Spain, and her arguments are haughtily repulsed—­Her envoy is ordered to quit the capital—­The Queen-mother once more appeals to the Sovereign-Pontiff, who declines to excite against himself the enmity of the Cardinal-Minister—­Louis XIII pursues the war with Spain—­Monsieur and the Comte de Soissons enter into a conspiracy to assassinate Richelieu—­The Queen-mother joins the faction—­The plot is betrayed—–­Gaston returns to his allegiance—­Marie de Medicis induces the Comte de Soissons to enter into a treaty with Spain—­The intrigue is discovered by the Cardinal—­The Queen-mother once more solicits an asylum in England—­Charles I accedes to her request, and endeavours to effect her reconciliation with the French King—­Richelieu determines Louis to reply by a refusal—­Monsieur abandons his wife, who becomes dependent for her support upon the Spanish Government—­Insignificance of Gaston—­The Duchess of Savoy endeavours to effect the recall of her royal mother to France—­The three Churchmen—­Pregnancy of Anne of Austria—­Renewed hopes of the Queen-mother—­She is again

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