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[169] Henri II, Due de Montmorency, Governor of Languedoc, etc., was the son of Henri I, Due de Montmorency, Connetable de France.  He was born on the 30th of April 1595, and was created Admiral of France when only eighteen years of age.  His personal attractions, combined with his high moral qualities and singular accomplishments, secured to him great and deserved popularity.  After having rendered the most brilliant services to his country, he was induced to espouse the cause of Gaston d’Orleans, and having imprudently exposed himself at the battle of Castelnaudary, he was made prisoner, put upon his trial for high treason at the instigation of the Cardinal de Richelieu, and executed at Toulouse on the 30th of October 1632.

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[171] A Spanish coin, equal in value to a French crown.

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[175] Urbain de Maille, Marquis de Breze, the brother-in-law of the Cardinal de Richelieu.

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[179] Principal magistrates of Toulouse.

[180] Histoire veritable de tout ce qui s’est fait et passe en la ville de Tholoze, en la mort de M. de Montmorency, 1632.

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[187] The Abbe de St. Germain was the author of a multitude of satirical pamphlets, powerfully written, and directed against the administration of Richelieu.

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Monsieur returns to Flanders—­The Queen-mother retires in displeasure to Malines—­Influence of Chanteloupe—­Selfishness of Monsieur—­Death of Gustavus Adolphus—­Richelieu seeks to withdraw the Queen-mother and her son from the protection of Spain—­Marie is urged to retire to Florence—­The Tuscan envoy—­Two diplomatists—­Mortification of the Queen-mother—­She desires to seek an asylum in England—­Charles I. hesitates to grant her request—­Helpless position of

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