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Richelieu interdicts all correspondence between Anne of Austria and the King of Spain—­The Queen asks permission to retire to the Val de Grace—­Her persecution by the Cardinal—­Marie de Medicis protects her interests—­Monsieur pledges himself to support her cause—­Gaston defies the minister—­Alarm of Richelieu—­He resolves to effect the exile of the Queen-mother—­Monsieur quits the capital—­Superstition of Marie de Medicis—­An unequal struggle—­Father Joseph and his patron—­The Queen-mother resolves to accompany her son to Italy—­Richelieu assures the King that Marie and Gaston have organized a conspiracy against his life—­The Court proceed to Compiegne—­The Queen-mother refuses to retain her seat in the Council—­Richelieu regains all his influence over the King—­Revenge of the Cardinal upon his enemies—­Desperate position of Marie de Medicis—­Her arrest is determined upon by the Council—­Louis leaves her a prisoner at Compiegne—­Parting interview of the two Queens—­Indignity offered to Anne of Austria—­Death of the Princesse de Conti—­Indignation of the royal prisoner—­A diplomatic correspondence—­Two noble gaolers—­The royal troops pursue Monsieur—­The adherents of Gaston are declared guilty of lese-majeste—­Gaston addresses a declaration to the Parliament—­The Queen-mother forwards a similar protest, and then appeals to the people—­A paper war—­The garrison is withdrawn from Compiegne—­Marie resolves to effect her escape to the Low Countries—­She is assured of the protection of Spain and Germany—­The Queen-mother secretly leaves the fortress—­She is betrayed by the Marquis de Vardes, and proceeds with all speed to Hainault, pursued by the royal troops—­She is received at Mons by the Archduchess Isabella—­Whence she addresses a letter to the King to explain the motives of her flight—­Reply of Louis XIII—­Sympathy of Isabella—­The two Princesses proceed to Brussels—­Triumphal entry of Marie de Medicis into the capital of Flanders—­Renewed hopes of the exiled Queen—­The Belgian Ambassador at the French Court—­Vindictive counsels of the Cardinal—­The property of the Queen-mother and Monsieur is confiscated—­They are abandoned by many of their adherents—­Richelieu is

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