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[90] Charles de Lorraine, Duc d’Elboeuf, was the grandson of Rene, Marquis d’Elboeuf, the seventh son of Claude, Duc de Guise.  He married Catherine Henriette, the daughter of Henri IV and La belle Gabrielle, and was involved in the intrigues of the Court during the ministries both of Richelieu and Mazarin.  His posterity terminated in his grandson, Emmanuel-Maurice, who died in 1763, after having served the Emperor in Naples.  During his sojourn in Italy the Duc Emmanuel built a superb palace at Portici; and it is worthy of remark that it was while searching for ancient marbles to decorate that edifice that the ruins of Herculaneum were discovered.  The subject of the note died in 1657.

[91] It may not be uninteresting to our readers to learn the honours and offices to which Sully had attained at the death of Henri IV.  Here follow his titles:  Maximilien de Bethune, Knight, Duc de Henrichemont and Boisbelle; Marquis de Rosny; Comte de Dourdan; Sire d’Orval, Montrond, and St. Amand; Baron d’Espineuil, Bruyeres, le Chatel, Villebon, la Chapelle, Novion, Bagny, and Boutin; King’s Counsel in all the royal councils; Captain-Lieutenant of two hundred ordnance men-at arms; Grand Master and Captain-General of the Artillery; Grand Overseer of the highways of France; Superintendent of Finance, and of the royal fortifications and buildings; Governor and Lieutenant-General of his Majesty in Poitou, Chateleraudois, and Loudunois; Governor of Mantes and Gergeau; and Captain of the Bastille.

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[95] Henri de Lorraine, Duc d’Aiguillon, peer of France, elder son of the Duc de Mayenne.

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A cold correspondence—­Increasing influence of the Marquis d’Ancre—­ Animosity between the Duc d’Epernon and Concini—­Disunion of the Princes de Guise and de Lorraine—­Renewed dissensions between M. de Bellegarde and the Marquis d’Ancre—­They are reconciled by the Comte de Soissons—­Marriage of the Duc de Guise—­Jealousy of M. de Soissons —­Quarrel between the Prince de Conti and the Comte de Soissons—­ Mission of the Duc de Guise—­A new rupture—­Intervention of the Duc de Mayenne—­Alarm of the Regent—­Sully leaves Paris—­Madame de Sully—­Retirement of M. de Thou—­Unpopularity of the Duc d’Epernon —­Marie de Medicis endeavours to reconcile the Princes—­The royal closet—­The Protestants prepare for the General Assembly—­The Prince de Conde retires to Guienne—­The Duc d’Epernon is charged to watch his movements—­Arrogance of Concini—­Concini seeks to marry his daughter to a son of the Comte de Soissons—­Indignation

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