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between the Prince of Wales and the Princesse Christine—­Gorgeous reception at the Louvre—­Court festivities—­Concini returns to Paris—­He is abandoned by the Prince de Conde—­He is compelled to retire—­His forebodings—­He endeavours to induce Leonora to leave France—­She refuses—­Increasing influence of De Luynes—­Death of Mademoiselle d’Ancre—­Despair of Concini—­Ambitious projects of the Prince de Conde—­Devotion of Sully—­His advice is disregarded—­Popularity of Conde—­Marie de Medicis resolves to arrest him—­He disbelieves the rumour—­The other Princes withdraw from the capital—­The King is induced to sanction the arrest—­Dissimulation of Louis XIII—­Arrest of Conde—­Fearless reply of M. du Vair—­The Prince is conveyed to the Bastille—­A batch of Marshals—­Noble disinterestedness of Bassompierre—­The Dowager Princess of Conde endeavours to excite the populace to rescue her son—­The mob pillage the hotel of the Marechal d’Ancre—­The Queen-mother negotiates with the Guises—­The council of war—­The seals are transferred from Du Vair to Mangot—­Richelieu is appointed Secretary of State—­Concini returns to Court—­The Marechale d’Ancre becomes partially insane—­Popular execration of the Italian favourites—­Subtle policy of Richelieu—­Threatening attitude assumed by the Princes.



The royal forces march against the insurgent Princes—­Indignities offered to the young sovereign—­Louis XIII and his favourite—­Arrogance of the Marechal d’Ancre—­Indignation of the King—­Confiscation of the property of the rebel Princes—­Household of Louis XIII—­Cabal of De Luynes—–­Infatuation of the Marechal d’Ancre—­An evil counsellor—­Marie de Medicis resolves to withdraw from the Government, but is dissuaded from her purpose—­Popular discontent—­Precautions of Concini—­Alarm of Louis XIII—­The Duc de Nevers is declared guilty of lese-majeste—­Firmness of the Queen-mother—­Insolence of Concini and Richelieu—­Conde is refused permission to justify himself—­Success of the royal forces—­Louis XIII consents to the arrest of the Marechal d’Ancre—­Bassompierre warns Marie de Medicis of her danger—­She disregards the warning—­Concini and Leonora prepare to leave France—­Old grievances renewed—­A diplomatic Janus—­Blindness of Marie and her ministers—­A new conspirator—­How to be made a marshal—­Incaution of De Luynes—­Treachery of Richelieu—­A narrow escape—­A morning mass—­Singular position of the Court—­Assassination of Concini—­Public rejoicings—­Imprisonment of the Queen-mother—­Barbin is sent to the Bastille—­The seals are restored to Du Vair—­A royal reception—­Anguish of Marie de Medicis—­She demands to see the King, and is refused—­Her isolation—­A Queen and her favourite—­A mother and her son—­Arrest of Madame d’Ancre—­The Crown jewels—­Political pillage—­The Marechale in the Bastille.



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