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de Medicis—­Her anger against the Chancellor—­She holds a secret council—­The Prince de Conde is directed to demand the seals from M. de Sillery, and to command him to retire from the capital—­Marie determines to arrest the Duc d’Epernon—­Her designs are thwarted by Concini—­The Marquis d’Ancre introduces the son of M. de Luz to the Regent—­Marie promises him her protection—­ Bassompierre endeavours to effect the recall of the Duc de Guise, and succeeds—­His reception by the Regent—­Arrogance of the Duchesse de Guise—­The Prince de Conde forms an alliance with M. de Guise—­ Influence of the Prince—­He demands the captaincy of the Chateau Trompette—­Over-zealous friends—­Alarm of the Queen—­She resolves to conciliate the Guises—­The Marquis d’Ancre and his wife incur the displeasure of the Queen-Marie purchases the loyalty of the Duc de Guise—­Dignified bearing of the Duc d’Epernon—­A reconciliation—­“Put not your faith in princes”—­Exultation of the ministers—­A private audience—­Eavesdroppers—­Mortification of the Prince de Conde—­Concini endeavours to conciliate the Queen—­He is repulsed—­The young Baron de Luz challenges the Chevalier de Guise—­Wounds his adversary, and is killed—­Royal solicitude—­Death of the Chevalier de Guise—­Banquet at the Hotel de Conde—­Affront to Bassompierre—­Concini retires to Amiens—­The Duc de Vendome joins the faction of the Prince de Conde—­A new intrigue—­Suspicions of the Regent—­Midnight visitors—­The Prince de Conde and the Duc de Vendome leave the Court—­The Regent refuses to sanction the departure of M. de Guise—­The Queen and her favourite—­The ministers pledge themselves to serve Concini—­Peril of Bassompierre—­He determines to leave France—­Is dissuaded from his purpose by the Regent—­Troubles in Mantua—­Negotiation with the Duke of Savoy—­James I. offers the hand of Prince Charles of England to the Princesse Christine—­Satisfaction of Marie de Medicis—­The Pope takes alarm—­The Regent and the Papal Nuncio—­Death of the Marechal de Fervaques—­Concini is made Marechal de France—­Ladies of Honour—­The Queen and her foster-sister—­The Princesse de Conti—­A well-timed visit—­The new Marechal—­A sensation at Court.



New anxieties—­Disaffection of the Princes—­They demand a reformation in the Government—­Cunning of the Duc de Bouillon—­Imprisonment of M. de Vendome—­He escapes—­The Regent suspects the sincerity of Bouillon—­Conspiracy of the Ducs de Vendome and de Retz—­The Duc de Nevers seizes Mezieres—­Recall of M. d’Epernon—­Marie de Medicis resolves to resign the Regency, but is dissuaded by her Council—­Treasonable reports—­Precarious position of the Queen—­Levy of troops—­Manifesto of the Prince de Conde—­Reply of the Regent—–­Death of the Connetable-Duc de Montmorency—–­Bassompierre is appointed Colonel-General of the Swiss Guards—­The march against M. de Conde—­Marie endeavours to temporize—–­The price of loyalty—­The

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