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festivities—­Arrival of the Spanish envoys—­The Chevalier de Guise—­Alarm of Concini—­The Queen and her foster-sister—­Concini resolves to espouse the party of the Princes—­The Duc de Bouillon endeavours to injure the Duc de Rohan in the estimation of James I.—­Reply of the English monarch—­Bouillon returns to Paris—­The Marechal de Lesdiguieres retires from the Court—­The Duc de Vendome solicits the royal permission to preside over the States of Brittany—­Is refused by the Regent—­Challenges his substitute—­And is exiled to Anet—­Concini augments the disaffection of the Princes—­The Duke of Savoy joins the cabal—­Lesdiguieres prepares to march a body of troops against the capital—­Concini deters the Regent from giving the government of Quilleboeuf to the Comte de Soissons—­Indignation of the Duc de Guise—­He reveals the treachery of Concini to the Princes—­All the great nobles join the faction of M. de Conde with the exception of the Duc d’Epernon—­The Duc de Bellegarde is accused of sorcery—­Quarrel between the Comte de Soissons and the Marechal de Fervaques—­Marie de Medicis resolves to persecute the Protestants—­Bouillon endeavours to effect the disgrace of the Duc de Rohan—­The Regent refuses to listen to his justification—­He takes possession of St. Jean-d’Angely—­Anger of the Queen—­Conflicting manifestoes—­M. de Rohan prepares to resist the royal troops—­The ministers advise a negotiation, which prove successful—­Departure of the Duc de Mayenne for Madrid—­Arrival of the Duque de Pastrano—­His brilliant reception in France—­His magnificent retinue—­His first audience of Louis XIII—­The Cardinals—­Puerility of the Princes—­Reception of the Spanish Ambassador by Madame—­The year of magnificence—­Splendour of the Court of Spain—­Signature of the marriage articles—­Honours shown to M. de Mayenne at Madrid—­The Spanish Princess and her Duenna—­The Duke of Savoy demands the hand of Madame Christine for his son—­Marie desires to unite her to the Prince of Wales—­Death of Prince Henry of England—­Death of the Comte de Soissons—­The Prince de Conti claims the government of Dauphiny—­The Comte d’Auvergne is released from the Bastille, and resigns his government of Auvergne to M. de Conti—­The Prince de Conde organizes a new faction—­The Regent espouses his views—­Alarm of the Guises—­Recall of the Duc de Bellegarde—­He refuses to appear at Court—­The Baron de Luz is restored to favour—­The Guises prepare to revenge his defection from their cause.



State of France at the commencement of 1613—­Characteristics of the Baron de Luz—­His imprudence—­He is challenged by the Chevalier de Guise, and killed—­The Regent summons a council—­The nobles assemble at the Hotel de Guise—­The Duke is forbidden to enter the Louvre, and ordered to disperse his friends—­M. de la Rochefoucauld refuses to leave the Hotel de Guise—­He is exiled from the Court—­Moderation of the Duc de Guise—­Inflexibility of Marie

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