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retires to Guienne—­The Duc d’Epernon is charged to watch his movements—­Arrogance of Concini—­Concini seeks to marry his daughter to a son of the Comte de Soissons—­Indignation of the Prince—­Cunning of Concini—­Bouillon returns to Court—­He offers his services to the Regent at the General Assembly—­He proceeds to Saumur—­He desires to be appointed President of the Assembly—­He is rejected in favour of M. du Plessis-Mornay—­He attributes his defeat to Sully—­He resolves to conciliate the ex-Minister of Finance—­Meeting of the Assembly—­The Court determines to dissolve the meeting—­Prudence of Du Plessis-Mornay—­Death of M. de Crequy—­The Marquis d’Ancre succeeds to the government of Amiens—­His insolent disregard of the royal prerogative—­Indignation of the ministers—­The Regent resents his impertinence—­She refuses to receive Madame d’Ancre—­Intrigues of the Princesse de Conti—­The favourites forgiven—­Marie de Medicis issues several salutary edicts—­Court festivities—­The Duchesse de Lorraine arrives at Fontainebleau—­Death of the Duc de Mayenne—­Death of the Queen of Spain—–­The Duchesse de Lorraine claims the hand of Louis XIII for her daughter—­Death of the Duc d’Orleans—­Departure of the Duchesse de Lorraine—­Rival claims—­M. de Breves appointed preceptor to the Duc d’Anjou—­The Comte de Soissons applies for the duchy of Alencon—­Rebuke of the Regent—­A hunting-party—­A new cabal—­Recall of the Marechal de Lesdiguieres—­Marie de Medicis purchases the Hotel de Luxembourg.



The Princes of the Blood retire from the Court—­Increased influence of the Ducs de Guise and d’Epernon—­Jealousy of Concini—­The ministers desire the recall of the Princes—­The Lent ballets—­The government of Quilleboeuf is offered to the Comte de Soissons—­The Princes are invited to return to the capital—­Arrival of the Princes—­M. de Soissons abandons Concini—­An attempt is made to create dissension between M. de Soissons and the Prince de Conde—­They again withdraw from Paris—­The Regent resolves to announce publicly the approaching marriage of the King—­Disaffection of the Princes—­Frankness of the Duc de Guise—­The Due d’Epernon is recalled—­The Duc de Bouillon is despatched to England—­The Council discuss the alliance with Spain—­The Princes return to the capital—­Undignified deportment of the Prince de Conde—­Insolence of M. de Soissons—­Indignation of the Regent—­The young Duc de Mayenne is appointed ambassador extraordinary to Spain—­An unpleasant truth—­Arrogance of the Spanish King—­Concession of the Regent—–­Death of the Duke of Mantua—­The Chancellor announces the King’s marriage—­An ambassador and a quasi-Queen—­Disappointment of the Princes—­They again withdraw—­Caution of the Duc de Montmorency to the Regent—­She disregards the warning—­Love of Marie de Medicis for magnificence and display—­Courtly entertainments—­The circle of Madame—­The Marquise d’Ancre—­A carousal—–­Splendid

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