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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 361 pages of information about The Life of Marie de Medicis Volume 2.

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[237] The Marechal d’Ancre had formed a large establishment by engaging in his service a number of impoverished French nobles, whose necessities had induced them to accept a thousand livres a year, and to submit to the insults which were heaped upon them by their low-born patron.

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[246] Ponce de Lauziere, Marquis de Themines, Senechal de Quercy, and subsequently Marechal de France.

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[250] On Twelfth-Night in France a bean is introduced into the cake, and the person selecting the slice in which it has been concealed is elected King for the evening.

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[254] M. de Saint-Geran was an ensign of the gendarmes of the King’s bodyguard, and one of the nobles who were known by the soubriquet of The Seventeen, among whom were the Marquis de Crequy and Bassompierre.  He was a devoted ally of the Duc de Sully.

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