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A temporary calm—­Louis XIII—­Marie de Medicis purchases the Marquisate of Ancre for Concini—­Rapid rise of his fortunes—­His profusion—­He intrigues to create dissension among the Princes of the Blood—­His personal endowments—­The Duc de Bouillon endeavours to induce M. de Conde to revolt—­He fails—­He disposes of his office at Court to the Marquis d’Ancre—­Marie de Medicis continues the public edifices commenced and projected by Henri iv—­Zeal of the Duc de Mayenne—­Cupidity of the Court—­M. de Conde and his advisers—­The Prince and the Minister—­Forebodings of Sully—­He determines to resign office—­His unpopularity—­The Regent refuses to accept his resignation—­The war in Germany—­The Regent resolves to despatch an army to Cleves—­The Duc de Bouillon demands the command of the troops—­Is refused by the Council—­Retires in disgust to Sedan—­The command is conferred on the Marechal de la Chatre—­A bootless campaign—­The French troops return home—­New dissensions at Court—­The Duc d’Epernon becomes the declared enemy of the Protestants—­Apprehensions of the reformed party—­Quarrel of Sully and Villeroy—­The Regent endeavours to effect a reconciliation with the Prince de Conti—­Princely wages—­M. de Conti returns to Court—­The Princes of the Blood attend the Parliament—­The Marquis d’Ancre is admitted to the State Council—­Sully and Bouillon retire from the capital—­Sully resolves to withdraw from the Government, but is again induced to retain office—­The King and Pere Cotton—­The Court leave Paris for Rheims—­Coronation of Louis XIII—­His public entry into the capital—­The Prince de Conde and the Comte de Soissons are reconciled—­Quarrel between the Marquis d’Ancre and the Duc de Bellegarde—­Cabal against Sully—­The Huguenots petition for a General Assembly—­Reluctance of the Regent to concede their demand—­She finds herself compelled to comply—­M. de Villeroy garrisons Lyons—­Sully retires from the Ministry—­Demands of the Princes—­Sully’s last official act—­His parting interview with Louis XIII—­The Minister and the Mountebanks.



A cold correspondence—­Increasing influence of the Marquis d’Ancre—­Animosity between the Duc d’Epernon and Concini—­Disunion of the Princes de.  Guise and de Lorraine—­Renewed dissensions between M. de Bellegarde and the Marquis d’Ancre—­They are reconciled by the Comte de Soissons—­Marriage of the Duc de Guise—­Jealousy of M. de Soissons—­Quarrel between the Prince de Conti and the Comte de Soissons—­Mission of the Duc de Guise—­A new rupture—­Intervention of the Duc de Mayenne—­Alarm of the Regent—­Sully leaves Paris—­Madame de Sully—­Retirement of M. de Thou—­Unpopularity of the Duc d’Epernon—­Marie de Medicis endeavours to reconcile the Princes—­The royal closet—­The Protestants prepare for the General Assembly—­The Prince de Conde

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