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Concini, some minutes afterwards, appeared, with a sarcastic smile upon his lips, and glanced a look of defiance around him, even while he bowed right and left alike to his friends and to his enemies, every pulse quickened with anxiety.  The suspense was but momentary.  The Italian was preceded by one of the royal pages, who, as the captain of the guard flung back the door of the cabinet in which Louis XIII was still closeted with his mother, announced in a voice so audible that it was heard throughout the apartment, “Monseigneur le Marechal d’Ancre.”

“Concini a Marshal of France!” exclaimed simultaneously the Ducs de Guise, d’Epernon, and de Bellegarde, who were standing together; and then there was a dead silence as the draperied door closed upon the exulting favourite.


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[159] Francois, Comte (and subsequently Duc) de la Rochefoucauld, Master of the Wardrobe to Louis XIII, was descended from one of the most ancient and noble families of France.  He died in 1650.

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[161] This lady, who had commenced her career at Court by the most bitter enmity towards Bassompierre, was not long ere she became one of his firmest friends; and it was even asserted that, after the death of the Prince her husband, she privately bestowed her hand upon the fascinating Gentleman of the Bedchamber.

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New anxieties—­Disaffection of the Princes—­They demand a Reformation in the Government—­Cunning of the Duc de Bouillon—­Imprisonment of M. de Vendome—­He escapes—­The Regent suspects the sincerity of Bouillon—­Conspiracy of the Ducs de Vendome and de Retz—­The Duc de Nevers seizes Mezieres—­Recall of M. d’Epernon—­Marie de Medicis resolves to resign the Regency, but is dissuaded by her Council—­Treasonable reports—­Precarious position of the Queen—­Levy of troops—­Manifesto of the Prince de Conde—­Reply of the Regent—­Death of the Connetable—­Duc de Montmorency—­Bassompierre is appointed Colonel-General of the Swiss Guards—­The

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