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State of France at the commencement of 1613—­Characteristics of the Baron de Luz—­His imprudence—­He is challenged by the Chevalier de Guise, and killed—­The Regent summons a council—­The nobles assemble at the Hotel de Guise—­The Duke is forbidden to enter the Louvre, and ordered to disperse his friends—­M. de la Rochefoucauld refuses to leave the Hotel de Guise—­He is exiled from the Court—­Moderation of the Duc de Guise—­Inflexibility of Marie de Medicis—­Her anger against the Chancellor—­She holds a secret council—­The Prince de Conde is directed to demand the seals from M. de Sillery, and to command him to retire from the capital—­Marie determines to arrest the Duc d’Epernon—­Her designs are thwarted by Concini—­The Marquis d’Ancre introduces the son of M. de Luz to the Regent—­Marie promises him her protection—­ Bassompierre endeavours to effect the recall of the Duc de Guise, and succeeds—­His reception by the Regent—­Arrogance of the Duchesse

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