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Self-possession of Marie de Medicis—­The Ducs de Guise and d’Epernon assemble the nobility—­Precautions for the security of the metropolis—­The first audience of the widowed Queen—­Impolicy of Sully—­The Duc d’Epernon announces to the Parliament the authorized regency of Marie—­By whom it is ratified—­Precarious position of the Queen-mother—­The first night of widowhood—­Injudicious apathy of Marie de Medicis on the subject of her husband’s murder—­Her incautious display of favour towards the Duc d’Epernon—­The Duke is suspected of having been an accessory to the assassination of Henri iv—­He demands the punishment of the authors of the rumour—­A lawyer and a courtier—­Fearless reply of the President de Harlay to the rebuke of the Regent—­Suspicions against Philip of Spain—­Louis XIII holds his first Bed of Justice—­The Queen requests the support of the Parliament—­Return of the Court to the Louvre—­The Due de Sully visits the Queen—­Effect of his reception—­The Princess-Dowager of Conde urges the return of her son to Court—­M. de Soissons is invited by Marie de Medicis to the capital—­His disappointment—­His arrogance—­A courtly falsehood—­Reception of M. de Soissons at the gates of Paris—­His numerous retinue—­The recompense of obedience—­Congratulatory deputations—­Trial of the regicide Ravaillac—­His execution—­Arrival of the Duc de Bouillon in Paris—­His quarrel with the Duc de Sully—­They are reconciled—­The Court attend a funeral service at Notre-Dame—­Presumption of the Duc d’Epernon—­Marie de Medicis devotes herself to state affairs—­Jealousy of the Princes of the Blood and great nobles—­Marie endeavours to conciliate them—­The Spanish Minister endeavours to prevent the return of the Prince de Conde—­Without success—­The Regent forms a council—­Pretensions of the nobles—­The Duc d’Epernon takes possession of apartments in the Louvre—­He leagues with the Comte de Soissons against the Prince de Conde—­Speculations of the Ministers—­Their policy—­Boyhood of Louis XIII—­A delicate position—­A royal rebuke—­Court favour—­The visionary Government—­Discontent of the citizens of Paris—­Unpopularity of the Regent—­The ex-Queen’s entertainment—­Imprudence of Marie de Medicis—­Confirmation of the Edict of Nantes—­Return of the Prince de Conde—­The Regent is alarmed by his popularity—­Double-dealing of the Duc d’Epernon—­The Prince de Conde declares his intention to uphold the interests of the Regent—­His reception at the Louvre—­He rejoins his wife—­The Court of the Hotel de Conde—­A cabal—­Marie is advised to arrest the Prince de Conde—­She refuses—­The secret council—­Indignation of Sully—­Mischievous advice of the Duc de Bouillon—–­Munificence of the Regent to M. de Conde—­The royal treasury—­Venality of the French Princes—­The English Ambassador—­Royal pledges—­Philip of Spain proposes a double alliance with France—­The Regent welcomes the offer—­Policy of Philip—­The secret pledge—­Madame de Verneuil urges her claim to the hand of the Duc de Guise—­The important document—­A ducal dilemma—­The Regent discountenances the claim of the Marquise—­Madame de Verneuil is induced by Jeannin to withdraw her pretensions—­Her subsequent obscurity.

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