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YES AND NO.—­John Randolph, in one of his letters to a young relative, says:  “You must expect unreasonable requests to be preferred to you every day of your life; and you must endeavor to say no with as much facility and kindness as you would say yes.”

OSCEOLA.—­It is said that the name of Osceola was given to that famous chief by an old lady in a frontier village, who had newly arrived in the country, and had never seen an Indian.  When she saw him she burst forth in utter astonishment—­“Oh see!  Oh la!  What a curious looking man!”

SIGISMOND.—­This Emperor was once reproached by some courtiers for being favorable to his foes—­to whom he replied, “Do I not effectually destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”


What is told in the ear is often heard a hundred miles.

Riches come better after poverty, than poverty after riches.

Who aims at excellence will be above mediocrity; who aims at mediocrity will fall short of it.

No remedies can revive old age and faded flowers.

A truly great man never puts away the simplicity of a child.

He who toils with pain will eat with pleasure.

A wise man forgets old grudges.

* * * * *

Those that dare lose a day are dangerously prodigal; those that dare mis-spend it, desperate.—­Bishop Hall.

Truth enters into the heart of man when it is empty, and clean and still:  but when the mind is shaken with passion as with a storm, you can never hear the voice of the charmer, though he charm never so wisely.



In the picture you see a true emblem of a temperate and virtuous life.  Let me here give you a few maxims to commit to memory:—­

Avoid and shun the sources of misery.

Be sure not to indulge your appetite.

Strong drink excites a person to do wrong.

Remember you are never out of temptation.

A life of virtue and temperance will secure to you money and time; will give you health, and prosperity, peace, character, respect, and usefulness.


    Our hands and our hearts we give
      To the temperance pledge, declaring,
    That long as on earth we live,
      All its bountiful blessings sharing,

    We will taste not and touch not the bowl
      That burns with intoxication,
    And will lend our assistance to roll
      The temperance ball through the nation.

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