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Little George is now dead, and there is no danger of his being puffed up by what he has done.  You may learn from this act of George, how to do some good to poor heathen children.  You should be willing to deny yourselves some pleasures in order that you may benefit others.  And if you do good out of a pure motive you will be blessed in the deed.


A Jew came to this country from London, many years ago, and brought with him all his property.  He had a lovely daughter of seventeen; with her he settled in a charming retreat on the fruitful banks of the Ohio, in the Western part of Virginia.  He had buried his wife before he left Europe, and he knew no comfort but the company of his beloved daughter.  She possessed an amiable disposition, and was well educated; she could speak several languages, and her manners pleased all who knew her.  Being a Jew, he brought up his daughter in the strictest principles of his faith.

It was not long after that his daughter was taken sick.  The rose faded from her cheek, her strength failed, and it was certain that she could not live long.  Her father was deeply affected.  He tried to talk with her, but could seldom speak without weeping.  He spared no expense to have her get well.  One day he was walking in the wood near his house when he was sent for by his dying daughter.  With a heavy heart he entered the door of her room, and he saw that he was now to take the last farewell of his daughter.

“My father,” said the child, “do you love me?” “Yes,” he replied, “you know that I love you.”  “I know, father, you have ever loved me.  You have been a kind father, and I tenderly love you.  Grant me my dying request.”

“What is it, my child? ask what you will, though it take every farthing of my property, it shall be granted.  I will grant your request.”

“My dear father, I now beg of you never again to speak lightly of Jesus of Nazareth; I know that he is a Saviour, and that he has made himself known to me, since I have been sick, even for the salvation of my soul.  I entreat you to obtain a Testament that tells of him and that you may bestow on him the love that was formerly mine.”  She now ceased speaking, her father left the room, when her soul took its flight to God who gave it.  After her decease the parent purchased a Testament and read about Jesus of Nazareth, and is now a devoted Christian.  Good children may be made blessings to their parents and friends.


TRUE BENEFICENCE.—­Mark Antony, when very much depressed, and at the ebb of his fortune, cried out, “I have lost all, except what I have given away.”

WASHINGTON AND THE SOLDIER.—­A British soldier said, “It was once in my power to shoot Gen. Washington.”  “Why, then,” said an American, “did you not do it?” “Because,” he replied, “the death of Washington would not have been for our benefit, for we depended upon him to treat our prisoners kindly.”

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