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“Now, Clara, we are waiting for you,” said Laura.  Clara smiled; and immediately chose the pale woodbine, or convolvulus, which so carelessly winds in and out among the bushes—­this is an emblem of loving tenderness.

“Now what says Lucy?” exclaimed Helen.

“I think I can guess,” said Clara; “either a violet, or a heart’s ease.  Am I right?”

“Not quite,” said Lucy, “although both the flowers you have mentioned, are great favorites of mine.  But I think I should like to resemble the daisy, most, because it is always looking upward.”

Certainly Lucy made a wise choice.  What more do we require for happiness, than to be able, let the cloud be ever so dark, to look upward with trusting faith in God.



    There’s a moral, my child,
      In the wayside flower;
    There’s an emblem of life
      In its short-lived hour. 
    It smiles in the sunshine
      And weeps in the shower,
    And the footstep falls
      On the wayside flower.

    Now see, my dear child,
      In the wayside flower,
    The joys and the sorrows
      Of life’s passing hour. 
    The footsteps of Time
      Hasten on in its power;
    And soon we must fall
      Like the wayside flower.

    Yet know, my dear child,
      That the wayside flower
    Will revive in its season
      And bloom its brief hour;
    That again we shall blossom
      In beauty and power,
    Where the foot never falls
      On the wayside flower.



    The Farmer ploughs and sows his seed,
      ’Tis all that he can do;
    He cannot make the dry seed grow,
      Nor give it rain and dew.

    God sends the sunshine, dew and rain,
      And covers it with snow;
    Then let us thank Him for the gift,—­
      To Him our bread we owe.

    Whene’er we view the waving grain,
      Or eat our daily food,
    Let grateful thoughts to God arise,
      Praise Him, for He is good.

    The youthful mind is like a field;
      Our teachers sow the seed;
    But when instruction’s work is done,
      There’s something more we need.

    Then let us pray that God may add
      His blessing to their toil;
    Then our young minds and hearts will prove
      A rich, productive soil.



    All hail the bright, the rosy morn,
      The first of blushing May,
    While fragrant flowers the fields adorn. 
      And Nature smiles so gay.

    Oh, what a joyous festival
      To all the young and fair,
    Who love to rove through verdant fields
      And breathe the balmy air.

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