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“It will be higher than the house, my dear, but, to remedy the difficulty, there will be galleries all round it, and staircases to mount them, so that there will be no danger, and nothing to prevent the sight, and I think you will find it a great treat.”

“Grandma!” said Frank, drawing a deep breath, “it seems too much to think about, it will be so very grand and lovely.  I really must be very, very good next half, or else perhaps you will not let me see it, after all?”

“Fear not, my child; you will be good, if you ask of God to make you so, for Jesus’ sake, as many times a day as you are told to do at school.  And now I see the carriage waits, so let us go.”


“I really think you are a perfect Crystal Palace, dearest Grandmama,” said Frank, when Mrs. Grey had given orders to the coachman to drive round and call for Master Grant, “for you are always good, and kind, and happy.”

“Alas! my child, my defects are most deplorable, and my faults are very many, and I daily have to say, as well as you, ’O Lord! make haste to help me.’”

“I cannot fancy it, I do assure you,” said the little doubter; “you seem to me so very, very good.”

“And so I may, and yet never be a Crystal Palace, Frank; for only the child of God, and the believer in Jesus, can be really one.  Many, I fear, mistake in this great matter, and are thought true Christians by others and themselves, when they only seek the praise of men, and not the favor and the love of God.  We must try ourselves by this test, dear, and alter everything that is not done to please our kind and heavenly Father.  Besides, you know, there never has been more than one ‘perfect’ Crystal Palace in this world, from the beginning.  Can you tell me who it was?”

“Adam, I suppose, Grandma.”

“Well, Adam truly was a Crystal Palace when he was first created, but he soon became opaque, and lost his purity, transparency, and beauty, all at once.  How did he do this, dear?”

“By disobedience.”

“Yes, by wilful disobedience.  He did not try to keep the one command of God, nor did he ask for help to do so, but indulged his foolish, wicked wish instead; and so, because he pleased his greedy eye, his whole body became full of darkness (Matt. vi. 23), and he was no longer the temple of the living God.” (2 Cor. vi. 16.)

“Jesus was the only perfect Crystal Palace, then, Grandma?  I should have thought of that before.”

“Yes, Jesus was God, and God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. (1 John i. 5.) Jesus was the light of the world, and He promised all His children that they should not walk in darkness, but should have the light of life.” (John viii. 12.)

“So, then, Grandma, the real followers of Jesus are Crystal Palaces, but not perfect Crystal Palaces;—­that is what you mean, I think?”

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