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Some days after this, as Madame Tube and her children were walking in the gardens of the palace, they met the Prince Royal, accompanied by the good physician, whose name was Wundel.  Raphael ran joyously up to them, and kissing Dr. Wundel’s hand, said, “How happy you have made me.”

The Prince answered Raphael, “You are happy, indeed, to have recovered your sight; but have you nothing more to desire?”

“Nothing,” replied Raphael, “unless I could show my gratitude to the good doctor.”

“Good boy,” said the Prince, “let me do it in your place.”  He drew from his finger a brilliant ring, which he presented to Dr. Wundel “I thank you in the name of this child,” he added, “and beg of you to wear this ring in remembrance of him.”  Then giving ten guineas to Madame Tube, he turned again to Dr. Wundel, observing, “I can give them but a few pieces of gold, but you have been the means of restoring sight.”

After the Prince and Dr. Wundel had left them, Madame Tube said to her children, “How many benevolent men we have met with!  Master Teuzer; the king’s minister; Dr. Wundel, and the Prince Royal—­and only two who sought to injure us—­our landlord, and Teuzer’s apprentice.”

“Mother, mother,” cried Madelaine, much excited, and pointing to the road; “there he is, there he is.”

“Who, where?” asked her mother.

“Teuzer’s apprentice; that wicked Robert.”

It was he indeed, handcuffed, and accompanied by several repulsive-looking men, also handcuffed, and guarded by armed police.

“What have these men done?” asked Madame Tube, of a spectator.

“They are smugglers,” he replied, “and when taken, they fought desperately, and have wounded several of the police.  They are now going to prison.”

“Remark,” said Madame Tube to her children, “how true it is, that sooner or later, all evil is punished.  But how did Robert happen to join the smugglers?”

“Master Teuzer sent him away at Christmas,” replied Madelaine, “in consequence of the shameful falsehoods he spread—­his next master discovered that he sold his goods and retained the money—­after leaving him, I suppose, he joined the smugglers.”

Madame Tube was now so much recovered, that she wished to return to Dresden.  Raphael longed to see his Jacot, which had been left in Master Teuzer’s charge; and Madelaine felt anxious to return to school, and to her occupation of painting.  Consequently, early in the following week was fixed for their departure.  On the appointed day the char-a-banc came to convey Madame Tube and her children back to Dresden; how greatly her enjoyment was enhanced by Raphael’s delight at all he saw during the journey.  They were warmly welcomed by their kind friends at Dresden, who had, during their absence, fitted up their little apartments comfortably.

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