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So it was that Alcestis came to life; and for many years she and Admetus lived in their little kingdom not far from the sea; and the Mighty Ones on the mountain top blessed them; and, at last, when they had become very old, the Shadow Leader led them both away together.




I. The bull.

In Asia there lived a king who had two children, a boy and a girl.  The boy’s name was Cadmus, and the girl’s name was Europa.  The king’s country was a very small one.  He could stand on his house top and see the whole of it.  On one side of it there were mountains, and on the other side was the sea.  The king thought that it was the center of the world, and he did not know much about other lands and people.

Yet he was very happy in his own little kingdom, and very fond of his children.  And he had good reason to be proud of them; for Cadmus grew up to be the bravest young man in the land, and Europa to be the fairest maiden that had ever been seen.  But sad days came to them all at last.

One morning Europa went out into a field near the seashore to pick flowers.  Her father’s cattle were in the field, grazing among the sweet clover.  They were all very tame, and Europa knew every one of them by name.  The herdsman was lying in the shade under a tree, trying to make music on a little flute of straw.  Europa had played in the field a thousand times before, and no one had ever thought of any harm befalling her.

That morning she noticed that there was a strange bull with the herd.  He was very large and as white as snow; and he had soft brown eyes which somehow made him look very gentle and kind.  At first he did not even look at Europa, but went here and there, eating the tender grass which grew among the clover.  But when she had gathered her apron full of daisies and buttercups, he came slowly towards her.  She was not at all afraid of him; and so she stopped to look at him, he was so handsome.  He came close to her, and rubbed her arm with his nose to say “Good-morning!”

She stroked his head and neck, and he seemed much pleased.  Then she made a wreath of daisies, and hung it round his neck.  He looked at her with his soft kind eyes, and seemed to thank her; and in a little while, he lay down among the clover.  Europa then made a smaller wreath, and climbed upon his back to twine it round his horns.  But all at once he sprang up, and ran away so swiftly that Europa could not help herself.  She did not dare to jump off while he was going so fast, and all that she could think to do was to hold fast to his neck and scream very loud.

The herdsman under the tree heard her scream, and jumped up to see what was the matter.  He saw the bull running with her towards the shore.  He ran after them as fast as he could, but it was of no use.  The bull leaped into the sea, and swam swiftly away, with poor Europa on his back.  Several other people had seen him, and now they ran to tell the king.  Soon the whole town was alarmed.  Everybody ran out to the shore and looked.  All that could be seen was something white moving very fast over the calm, blue water; and soon it was out of sight.

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