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Sonnet:  “As when a child”
  “Was it some sweet device”
  “Methinks how dainty sweet”
  “O!  I could laugh”
  “When last I roved”
  “A timid grace”
  “If from my lips”
  “We were two pretty”
  “The Lord of Life”
  “To a Friend”
  “To Miss Kelly”
  “On the Sight of Swans in Kensington Garden”
  “The Family Name”
  “To John Lamb, Esq.” 
  “To Martin Charles Burney, Esq.” 
  “Harmony in Unlikeness”
  “Written at Cambridge”
  “To a Celebrated Female Performer in the ‘Blind Boy’”
  “To Samuel Rogers, Esq.” 
  “The Gipsy’s Malison”
  “To the Author of Poems Published under the Name of Barry Cornwall,”
  “In the Album of Edith S——­”
  “To Dora W——­”
  “In the Album of Rotha Q——­”
  “To T. Stothard, Esq.” 
  “O lift with reverent hand”
  “To Miss Burney”
  “To Samuel Rogers, Esq., on the New Edition of his Pleasures of Memory
  “To Louisa Morgan”
  “St. Crispin to Mr. Gifford”
  “To Mathew Wood, Esq.” 
  “O gentle look,” by Coleridge and Lamb

Southey, Edith, Lamb’s poem to
  Robert, in Gillray’s cartoon
  his defence of Lamb

Spy system, Lamb’s verses on

Stothard, Thomas, Lamb’s poem to

Sturms, Captain, of the East India House

Suidas, Lamb’s adaptation of


“Thekla’s Song,” by Schiller

Thelwall, John, and The Champion

“Three Graves, The”

“Time and Eternity”

Times, The, Lamb’s contributions to

“To a Young Friend” (two poems)

“To a Young Lady”

“To Bernard Barton”

“To C. Aders, Esq.”

“To Charles Lloyd”
  (second poem)

“To Clara N——­”

“To David Cook”

“To Emma Learning Latin”

“To John Lamb, Esq.”

“To Margaret W——­”

“To Martin Charles Burney, Esq.”

“To Miss Burney”

“To My Friend The Indicator

“To R.S.  Knowles, Esq.”

“To Samuel Rogers, Esq.” (two poems).

“To Sir James Mackintosh”

“To T.L.H.”

“To the Author of Poems Published under the Name of Barry Cornwall”

“To the Poet Cowper”

“To T. Stotbard, Esq.”

“To a Friend on his Marriage”

“To Louisa M——­”

“Tobacco, A Farewell to”

“Tomb of Douglas, The”

Towers, Mrs. Jane, Lamb’s verses to.

Treadmill, the, Lamb’s ode to.

“Triumph of the Whale, The”

Tween, Mrs., on Lamb.

“Twelfth Night Characters”


“Vision of Repentance, A”


Wagstaff, Timothy, of the East India House

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