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“House-keeper, The”

Hunt, Leigh, Lamb’s poem to
  on “Composed at Midnight”
  and Lamb’s poem, “To T.L.H.” 
  Thornton, Lamb’s poem to

Hutchinson, Mr. Thomas, on JOHN WOODVIL



“In Tabulam Eximii....”

Indicator, The, Lamb’s contributions to

Isola, Agostino
  Emma, Lamb’s poems to


Jerdan, William, Lamb’s epigram on

  volume, 1802, poems in


Kelly, Frances Maria (Fanny), and Lamb

“Kelly, To Miss”

Kenney, James, his “DEBTOR AND CREDITOR”

Knight, Ann.

Knowles, James Sheridan.
  his comedy “THE WIFE”


“Lady’s Sapphic, A”

Lamb, Charles, dedicates his “WORKS” to Coleridge
  at the Salutation Inn
  his Earliest Poem, “Mille viae mortis”
  his contributions to Coleridge’s “POEMS”
  his praise of Mrs. Siddons
  his partnership with Coleridge
  his love poems
  verses on his grandmother
  his contributions to Coleridge’s “POEMS,” 1797
  his poems to his sister
  his verses to Charles Lloyd
  his verses to Cowper
  his Bristol holiday refused
  his contributions to “BLANK VERSE,” 1798
  his lines on his aunt
  his lines on his father
  his grief for his mother’s death
  his “Old Familiar Faces”
  Mary Lamb laughs at him in “Helen”
  his translation from the German
  his imitations of Burton
  his “WORKS”
  his lines on Hester Savory
  his “Farewell to Tobacco”
  his lines to Thornton Leigh Hunt
  his sonnets to Miss Kelly
  his sonnet on his name
  his sonnet to his brother
  his sonnet to Martin Burney
  his poem on Hood’s child
  his verses to Bernard Barton
  his verses on Emma Isola
  his sonnets on “Work” and “Leisure”
  his sonnets to Samuel Rogers
  his sonnet on the sheep stealer
  his sonnet to Barry Cornwall
  his lines to Sheridan Knowles
  his quatrains to Hone
  his skill in acrostics
  his translations from Bourne
  his “Ode to the Treadmill”
  his poem on old Widford friends
  his “POETICAL WORKS,” 1836
  his sonnet to Stothard
  his lines to Moxon on his marriage
  his poems on Louisa Martin
  his “Free Thoughts on Composers”
  his epitaph on Mary Druitt
  his verses to Haydon
  his sonnet to Sarah Burney
  his sonnet to Leigh Hunt
  his lines to Charles Aders
  his translations from Palingenius
  his lines to Clara Novello
  his political and other epigrams
  and Sir James Mackintosh
  his attacks on Canning

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