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  “In the Album of a Clergyman’s Lady”
  “In the Autograph Book of Mrs. Sergeant W——­”
  “In the Album of Lucy Barton”
  “In the Album of Miss ——­”
  “In the Album of a very Young Lady”
  “In the Album of a French Teacher”
  “In the Album of Miss Daubeny”
  “In the Album of Mrs. Jane Towers”
  “In My Own Album”
  “In the Album of Edith S——­”
  “To Dora W——­”
  “In the Album of Rotha Q——­”
  “In the Album of Catherine Orkney”
  “What is an Album”
  “The First Leaf of Spring”
  “To M.L.F.” 
  “To the Book”
  “On Being Asked to Write in Miss Westwood’s Album”
  “In Miss Westwood’s Album”
  “The Sisters” (See also under the heading of ACROSTICS.)

“Angel Help”

Ann Simmons (Lamb’s “Anna”)

Annual Anthology, Lamb’s contribution to

Anti-Jacobin, The, and Lamb

“ANTONIO” by Godwin

“Ape, The”

Athenaeum, The, Lamb’s contributions to


“Ballad Noting the Difference of Rich and Poor”
  “from the German”
  “Singers, The”

“Barton, Bernard, To”
  Lucy, Lamb’s verses to

Beaumont, Francis, quoted

Bijou, The, Lamb’s contribution to

Blackwood’s Magazine, the Lambs’ contributions to

Blakesware and Widford

“BLANK VERSE,” by Lloyd and Lamb

Bourne, Vincent
  Lamb’s translations

Burney, Martin, Lamb’s sonnet to
  Sarah, Lamb’s poem to

Burton, Lamb’s imitation of

Byron, Lord, Lamb’s epigram on


Campbell, J. Dykes, on JOHN WOODVIL

Canning, George, Lamb’s epigrams on

Caroline of Brunswick, Lamb’s championship of

Carter, Ben, of Blakesware

“Catechist, The Young”

Champion, The, Lamb’s contributions to

“Change, The”

Chatterton, Thomas

“Cheap Gifts”


“Christening, The”

Clarkes, the Cowden

Coleridge, S.T., Lamb’s dedication to
  his “POEMS”
  and Sara, Lamb’s lines to
  his “REMORSE”
  his alteration of Lamb’s sonnets
  on Lamb’s sonnet “We were two pretty babes”
  in Gillray’s cartoon
  and “The Old Familiar Faces”
  his translation of “Thekla’s Song”
  Sara, her Latinity

“Composed at Midnight”

“Confidant, The,” by Crabbe, adapted by Lamb

“Cook, To David”

Cornwall, Barry.  See PROCTER, B.W.

Cowley, Abraham, quoted

“Cowper, To the Poet”

Crabbe, George, Lamb’s adaptation of


Da Vinci, Leonardo, poems upon

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