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The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb — Volume 4 eBook

This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 324 pages of information about The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb Volume 4.

Hope you intend to stay—­

With us some time—­

In these parts—­

MR. H. Ladies, for your congratulations I thank you; for the favours you have lavished on me, and in particular for this lady’s (turning to the old Lady) good opinion, I rest your debtor.  As to any future favours—­(accosts them severally in the order in which he was reftised by them at the assembly)—­Madam, shall always acknowledge your politeness; but at present, you see, I am engaged with a partner.  Always be happy to respect you as a friend, but you must not look for any thing further.  Must beg of you to be less particular in your addresses to me.  Ladies all, with this piece of advice, of Bath and you

Your ever grateful servant takes his leave. 
Lay your plans surer when you plot to grieve;
See, while you kindly mean to mortify
Another, the wild arrow do not fly,
And gall yourself.  For once you’ve been mistaken;
Your shafts have miss’d their aim—­Hogsflesh has saved

        his Bacon.

* * * * *




* * * * *


      FLINT, a Pawnbroker.
      DAVENPORT, in love with Marian.
      PENDULOUS, a Reprieved Gentleman.
      CUTLET, a Sentimental Butcher.
      GOLDING, a Magistrate.
      WILLIAM, Apprentice to Flint.
      BEN, Cutlet’s Boy.
      MISS FLYN. 
      BETTY, her Maid.
      MARIAN, Daughter to Flint.
      LUCY, her Maid.

* * * * *


SCENE I.—­An Apartment at Flint’s house.


FLINT Carry those umbrellas, cottons, and wearing-apparel, up stairs.  You may send that chest of tools to Robins’s.

WILLIAM That which you lent six pounds upon to the journeyman carpenter that had the sick wife?

The same.

The man says, if you can give him till Thursday—­

Not a minute longer.  His time was out yesterday.  These improvident

The finical gentleman has been here about the seal that was his

FLINT He cannot have it.  Truly, our trade would be brought to a fine pass, if we were bound to humour the fancies of our customers.  This man would be taking a liking to a snuff-box that he had inherited; and that gentlewoman might conceit a favourite chemise that had descended to her.

WILLIAM The lady in the carriage has been here crying about those jewels.  She says, if you cannot let her have them at the advance she offers, her husband will come to know that she has pledged them.

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