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Esq., of Sty Hall, in the county of Hants, his royal licence and authority”—­O Lord!  O Lord!—­“that he and his issue”—­me and my issue—­“may take and use the surname and arms of Bacon”—­Bacon, the surname and arms of Bacon—­“in pursuance of an injunction contained in the last will and testament of Nicholas Bacon, Esq. his late uncle, as well as out of grateful respect to his memory:”—­grateful respect! poor old soul——­here’s more—­“and that such arms may be first duly exemplified”—­they shall, I will take care of that—­“according to the laws of arms, and recorded in the Herald’s Office.”

BELVIL Come, Madam, give me leave to put my own interpretation upon your silence, and to plead for my friend, that now that only obstacle which seemed to stand in your way of your union is removed, you will suffer me to complete the happiness which my news seems to have brought him, by introducing him with a new claim to your favour, by the name of Mr. Bacon.

(Takes their hands and joins them, which Melesinda seems to give consent to with a smile.)

MR. H.
Generous Melesinda!—­my dear friend—­“he and his issue,” me and my
issue—­O Lord!—­

I wish you joy, Jack, with all my heart.

MR. H. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon—­how odd it sounds.  I could never be tired of hearing it.  There was Lord Chancellor Bacon.  Methinks I have some of the Verulam blood in me already—­methinks I could look through Nature—­there was Friar Bacon, a conjurer—­I feel as if I could conjure too—­

Enter a Servant.

Two young ladies and an old lady are at the door, enquiring if you see
company, Madam.

MR. H. 
“Surname and arms”—­

Shew them up.—­My dear Mr. Bacon, moderate your joy.

Enter three Ladies, being part of those who were at the Assembly.

My dear Melesinda, how do you do?

How do you do?  We have been so concerned for you—­


We have been so concerned—­(seeing him)—­Mr. Hogsflesh—­

MR. H.
There’s no such person—­nor there never was—­nor ’tis not fit there
should be—­“surname and arms”—­

BELVIL It is true what my friend would express; we have been all in a mistake, ladies.  Very true, the name of this gentleman was what you call it, but it is so no longer.  The succession to the long-contested Bacon estate is at length decided, and with it my friend succeeds to the name of his deceased relative.

MR. H. 
“His Majesty has been graciously pleased”—­

I am sure we all join in hearty congratulation—­(sighs).

And wish you joy with all our hearts—­(heigh ho!)

And hope you will enjoy the name and estate many years—­(cries).

Ha! ha! ha! mortify them a little, Jack.

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