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George Barr McCutcheon
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“You won’t be able to get help as cleverly and as timely as that American chap got it last night,” protested the Marquess.  “Warships don’t browse around like gulls, you know.  Karl will never forgive me if I leave you here——­”

“Karl is of a very forgiving nature, uncle, dear,” said Genevra sweetly.  “He forgave you for defending Mr. Chase, because you are such a nice Englishman.  I’ve induced him to forgive Mr. Chase because he’s such a nice American—–­although Mr. Chase doesn’t seem to know it—–­and I’m quite sure Karl would shake his hand if he should come upon him anywhere.  Leave Karl to me, uncle.”

“And leave you to the cannibals, or whatever they are.  I can’t think of it!  It’s out of the—­”

“Take him away, Aunt Gretchen.  ‘And come again some other day,’” she sang blithely.

And so they sailed away without her, just as she had intended from the beginning.  Lord Deppingham stood beside her on the pier as the shore party waved its adieus to the yacht.

“By Jove, Genevra, I hope no harm comes to you here in this beastly place,” said he, a look of anxiety in his honest eyes.  “There goes our salvation, if any rumpus should come up.  We can’t call ’em out of the sky as Chase did last night.  Lucky beggar!  That fellow Chase is ripping, by Jove.  That’s what he is.  I wish he’d open up his heart a bit and ask us into that devilish American bar of his.”

“He owes us something for the warship we delivered to him last night,” said Bobby.  “He has made good with his warship story, after all, thanks to the King’s Own and Britt.”

“And the fairy Princess,” added Lady Deppingham.

“I am doubly glad I came, if you include me in the miracle,” said Genevra, shuddering a little as she looked at the lounging natives.  “Isn’t it rather more of a miracle that I should come upon mine ancient champion in this unheard-of corner of the globe?”

“I’d like to hear the story of Chase and his Adventures in the Queen’s Garden,” reminded Bobby Browne.

“I’ll tell it to you to-night, my children,” said the Princess, as they started for the palanquins.

Hollingsworth Chase dodged into the American bar just in time to escape the charge of spying.



Miss Pelham’s affair with Thomas Saunders by this time had reached the stage where observers feel a hesitancy about twitting the parties most concerned.  Even Britt, the bravest jester of them all, succumbed to the prevailing wind when he saw how it blew.  He got in the lee of popular opinion and reefed the sails of the good ship Tantalus.

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