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[Illustration:  Swiss Cottage, At The Colosseum]

It is now upwards of three years since we directed the attention of our readers to the wonders of this little world of art.[1] The ingenious projector, Mr. Horner, was then polite enough to conduct us throughout the buildings and grounds, and to explain to us the original design of the unfinished works as well as of many contemplated additions.  This was about three weeks before the Exhibition was opened to the public.  The Panorama was then partly in outline, and we had to catch its identities through a maze of scaffolding poles, planks, and stages; while the immense domed area re-echoed with the operations of scores of artistes of every grade, from the upholsterer nailing up gay draperies, to the heavy blow of the carpenter’s mallet.  We took advantage of our privileged visit, to point out to the reader how much he might expect from a visit to the Panorama, and, in our subsequent visits we have not for a moment regretted the particular attention we were induced to bestow upon this unrivalled work of art.  It is justly described to be “such a Pictoral History of London—­such a faithful display of its myriads of public and private buildings—­such an impression of the vastness, wealth, business, pleasure, commerce, and luxury of the English metropolis, as nothing else can effect.  Histories, descriptions, maps, and prints, are all imperfect and defective, when compared to this immense Panorama—­they are scraps and mere touches of the pen and pencil—­whilst this imparts, at a glance, at one view, a cyclopaedia of information—­a concentrated history—­a focal topography, of the largest and most influential city in the world.  The immense area of surface which this picture occupies will surprise the reader:  it measures 40,000 square feet, or nearly an acre in extent."[2] This may be a glowing eulogium; but it is true to the line and letter.

    [1] See Mirror, vol. xiii. p. 33.

    [2] A graphic Account of the Colosseum, from the apt pen of Mr.
    Britton, the architect.

We have already illustrated the Panorama,[3] and it is our intention to introduce other embellishments of the Colosseum, as far as may be compatible with finished sketches.  Our present subject is the principal apartment in the Swiss Cottage, to which the reader or visiter is conducted through a range of conservatories, containing choice exotics, with some of the most majestic proportions of leaf and flower that can be enjoyed in any clime.  The communication is by a stone-work passage, the temperature of which is a refreshing succedaneum to that of the conservatories, or 72 deg..  This cottage was designed by P.F.  Robinson, Esq. who has evinced considerable taste in a publication on cottages and cottage-villas, as well as in the execution

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