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of Marguerite—­The Queen’s jealousy of Madame de Moret—­Increasing coldness of the King towards that lady—­The frail rivals—­Princely beacons—­Indignation of the Queen—­Narrow escape of the King and Queen—­Gratitude of the Queen to her preserver—­Insolent pleasantry of the Marquise de Verneuil—­A disappointment compensated—–­Marriage of the Duc de Bar—­The King invites the Duchess of Mantua to become sponsor to the Dauphin, and the Duc de Lorraine to the younger Princess—­The Mantuan suite—­Preparations at Notre-Dame—­The plague in Paris—­The Court removes to Fontainebleau—­The royal christenings—­Increase of the plague—­Royal disappointments—­The Duchesse de Nevers—­Discourtesy of the King—­Dignity of the Duchess.



Profuse expenditure of the French nobles—­Prevalence of duelling under Henri iv—­Meeting of the Prince de Conde and the Duc de Nevers—­They are arrested by the King’s guard—­Reconciliation of the two nobles—­The Duc de Soubise is wounded in a duel—­Profligacy of Madame de Moret—­The King insists upon her marriage with the Prince de Joinville—­Indignation of the Duchesse de Guise—­A dialogue with Majesty—­The Prince de Joinville is exiled—­Madame de Moret intrigues with the Comte de Sommerive—­He promises her marriage—­He attempts to assassinate M. de Balagny—­He is exiled to Lorraine—­Mademoiselle des Essarts—­Birth of the Duc d’Orleans—­Peace between the Pope and the Venetians—­The Queen and her confidants—­Death of the Chancellor of France—­Death of the Cardinal de Lorraine—­Royal rejoicings—­The last ballet of a dying Prince—­Betrothal of Mademoiselle de Montpensier to the infant Duc d’Orleans—­Sully as a theatrical manager—­The Court gamester—­Death of the Duc de Montpensier—­The ex-Queen Marguerite founds a monastery—­Influence of Concini and Leonora over the Queen—­Arrogance of Concini—­Indignation of the King—­A royal rupture—­The King leaves Paris for Chantilly—­Sully and the Queen—­The letter—­Anger of the King—­Sully reconciles the King and Queen—­Madame de Verneuil and the Duc de Guise—­Court gambling—­Birth of the Duc d’Anjou—­Betrothal of the Duc de Vendome and Mademoiselle de Mercoeur—­Reluctance of the lady’s family—­Celebration of the marriage—­Munificence of Henry—­Arrival of Don Pedro de Toledo—­His arrogance—­Admirable rejoinder of the King—­Object of the embassy—­Passion of Henry for hunting—­Embellishment of Paris—­Eduardo Fernandez—­The King’s debts of honour—­Despair of Madame de Verneuil—­Defective policy—­A bold stroke for a coronet—­The fallen favourite.



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