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she devoted herself to the most austere duties of religion.  In her will, by which she bequeathed nearly the whole of her property to the Church and to charitable purposes, she left a large sum for the erection of a Capuchin convent at Bourges, where she desired that she might be ultimately interred; but by command of Henri IV the convent was built in the Faubourg St. Honore, at Paris, and her body deposited in the chapel.

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[70] Equal, in the present day, to nearly five hundred thousand livres.

[71] Charles de Valois, the son of Charles IX and Marie Touchet, Dame de Belleville.  He was subsequently Duc d’Angouleme and Grand Prior of France.  He died in 1639.

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Sully resolves to hasten the King’s marriage—­Ambassadors are sent to Florence to demand the hand of Marie de Medicis—­The marriage articles are signed—­Indignation of Madame de Verneuil—­Revenge of her brother, the Comte d’Auvergne—­The Duke of Savoy visits Paris—­His reception—­His profusion—­His mission fails—­Court poets—­Marie de Medicis is married to the French King by procuration at Florence—­Hostile demonstrations of the Duke of Savoy—­Infatuation of the King for the favourite—­Her pretensions—­A well-timed tempest—­Diplomacy of Madame de Verneuil—­Her reception at Lyons—­War in Savoy—­Marie de Medicis lands at Marseilles—­Madame de Verneuil returns to Paris—­The Due de Bellegarde is proxy for the King at Florence—­He escorts the new Queen to France—­Portrait of Marie de Medicis—­Her state-galley—­Her voyage—­Her reception—­Henry reaches Lyons—­The royal interview—­Public rejoicings—­The royal marriage—­Henry returns to Paris—­The Queen’s jealousy is awakened—­Profligate habits of the King—­Marie’s Italian attendants embitter her mind against her husband—­Marie reaches Paris—­She holds a court—­Presentation of Madame de Verneuil to the Queen—­Indignation of Marie—­Disgrace of the Duchesse de Nemours—­Self-possession of Madame de Verneuil—­Marie takes possession of the Louvre—­She adopts the French costume—­Splendour of the Court—­Festival given by Sully—­A practical joke—­Court festivities—­Excessive gambling—­Royal play debts—­The Queen’s favourite—­A petticoat intrigue—­Leonora Galigai appointed Mistress of the Robes—­Reconciliation between the Queen and Madame de Verneuil—­The King gives the Marquise a suite of apartments in the Louvre—­Her rivalry of the Queen—­Indignation of Marie—­Domestic dissensions—­The Queen and the favourite are again at war—­Madame de Verneuil effects the marriage of Concini and Leonora—­Gratitude of the Queen—­Birth of the Dauphin—­Joy of the King—­Public rejoicings—­Birth of Anne of Austria—­Superstitions of the period—­Belief in astrology—­A royal anecdote—­Horoscope of the Dauphin—­The sovereign and the surgeon—­Birth of Gaston Henri, son of Madame de Verneuil—­Public entry of the Dauphin into Paris—­Exultation of Marie de Medicis.

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