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accorded by the Queen to Sully—­A dangerous suggestion—­Sully reconciles the royal couple—­Madame de Verneuil is exiled from the Court—­She joins the conspiracy of her brother—­The forged contract—­Apology of the Comte d’Entragues—­Promises of Philip of Spain to the conspirators—­Duplicity of the Comte d’Auvergne—­He is pardoned by the King—­His treachery suspected by M. de Lomenie—­D’Auvergne escapes to his government—­Is made prisoner and conveyed to the Bastille—­His self-confidence—­A devoted wife—­The requirements of a prisoner—­Hidden documents—­The treaty with Spain—­The Comtesse d’Entragues—­Haughty demeanour of Madame de Verneuil—­The mistress and the minister—­Mortification of Sully—­Marriage of Mademoiselle de Bueil—­Henry embellishes the city of Paris and undertakes other great national works.



Trial of the conspirators—­Pusillanimity of the Comte d’Auvergne—­Arrogant attitude assumed by Madame de Verneuil—­She refuses to offer any defence—­Defence of the Comte d’Entragues—­The two nobles are condemned to death—­Madame de Verneuil is sentenced to imprisonment for life in a convent—­A mother’s intercession—­The King commutes the sentence of death passed on the two nobles to exile from the Court and imprisonment for life—­Expostulations of the Privy Council—­Madame de Verneuil is permitted to retire to her estate—­Disappointment of the Queen—­Marriage of the Duc de Rohan—­Singular ceremony—­A tilt at the Louvre—­Bassompierre is dangerously wounded—­His convalescence—­Death of Clement viii—­Election of Leo xi—­His sudden death—­Election of Paul V—­The Comte d’Entragues is authorized to return to Marcoussis—­Madame de Verneuil is pardoned and recalled—­Marriage of the Prince de Conti—­Mademoiselle de Guise—­Marriage of the Prince of Orange—­The ex-Queen Marguerite—­She arrives in Paris—­Gratitude of the King—­Her reception—­Murder at the Hotel de Sens—­Execution of the criminal—­Marguerite removes to the Faubourg St. Germain—­The King condoles with her on the loss of her favourite—­Her dissolute career—­Her able policy—­Death of M. de la Riviere—­Execution of M. de Merargues—­Attempt to assassinate Henri iv—­Magnanimity of the monarch—­Henry seeks to initiate the Queen into the mysteries of government—­Madame la Regente—­A timely warning.



New Year’s Day at Court—­The royal tokens—­A singular audience—­A proposition—­Birth of the Princesse Christine—­Public festivities—­A ballet on horseback—­The King resolves to humble the Duc de Bouillon—­Arguments of the Queen—­Policy of Henry—­The Court proceeds to Torcy—­Surrender of Bouillon—­The sovereigns enter Sedan—­Rejoicings of the citizens—­State entry into Paris—­The High Court of Justice assigns to the ex-Queen Marguerite the county of Auvergne—­The “Te Deum”—­Marguerite makes a donation of her recovered estates to the Dauphin—­Inconsistencies

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