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Marriages of Henri iv—­Marguerite de Valois—­Her character—­Her marriage with the King of Navarre—­Massacre of Saint Bartholomew—­Henri, Duc d’Anjou, elected sovereign of Poland—­Death of Charles IX—­Accession of Henri iii—­Conspiracy of the Duc d’Alencon—­Revealed by Marguerite—­Henry of Navarre escapes from the French Court—­Henry of Navarre protests against his enforced oath—­Marguerite is imprisoned by her brother—­The Duc d’Alencon returns to his allegiance—­Marguerite joins her husband in Bearn—­Domestic discord—­Marriage-portion of Marguerite—­Court of Navarre—­Dupin insults the Queen of Navarre—­Catherine de Medicis induces Marguerite to return to France—­The Duc d’Alencon again revolts—­Marguerite arrests a royal courier—­She is banished with ignominy from the French Court—­She is deprived of her attendants—­Henry of Navarre refuses to receive her in the palace—­Marguerite returns to Agen—­Her licentiousness—­Agen is stormed and taken by the Marechal de Matignon—­Marguerite escapes to the fortress of Carlat—­The inhabitants of the town resolve to deliver her up to the French King—­She is made prisoner by the Marquis de Canillac, and conveyed to Usson—­She seduces the governor of the fortress—­Death of the Duc d’Alencon—­Poverty of Marguerite—­Accession of Henri iv—­He embraces the Catholic faith—­His dissipated habits—­The Duc de Bouillon heads the Huguenot party—­Henri iv proceeds to Brittany, and threatens M. de Bouillon—­Festivities at Rennes—­Henri iv becomes melancholy—­He resolves to divorce Marguerite, and take a second wife—­European princesses—­Henry desires to marry la belle Gabrielle—­Sully expostulates—­Sully proposes a divorce to Marguerite—­The Duchesse de Beaufort intrigues to prevent the marriage of the King with Marie de Medicis—­She bribes Sillery—­Diplomacy of Sillery—­Gabrielle aspires to the throne of France—­Her death—­Marguerite consents to a divorce—­The Pope declares the nullity of her marriage—­Grief of the King at the death of Gabrielle—­Royal pleasures—­A new intrigue—­Mademoiselle d’Entragues—­Her tact—­Her character—­A love-messenger—­Value of a royal favourite—­Costly indulgences—­A practical rebuke—­Diplomacy of Mademoiselle d’Entragues—­The written promise—­Mademoiselle d’Entragues is created Marquise de Verneuil.



Sully resolves to hasten the King’s marriage—­Ambassadors are sent to Florence to demand the hand of Marie de Medicis—­The marriage articles are signed—­Indignation of Madame de Verneuil—­Revenge of her brother, the Comte d’Auvergne—­The Duke of Savoy visits Paris—­His reception—­His profusion—­His mission fails—­Court poets—­Marie de Medicis is married to the French King by procuration at Florence—­Hostile demonstrations of the Duke of Savoy—­Infatuation of the King for the favourite—­Her pretensions—­A

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