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“Humility Proving a Blessing.”  Some time ago a young man went into the office of one of the largest dry-goods houses in New York and asked for a situation.  He was told to call again another day.

Going down Broadway that same afternoon, when opposite the Astor House, he saw an old apple woman, in trying to cross the street, struck by an omnibus, knocked down, and her basket of apples sent scattering into the gutter.

The young man stepped out of the crowd, helped the old woman to her feet, put her apples into her basket, and went on his way, without thinking of it.

Now a proud man would never have thought of doing such a thing as that.  But this young man had learned the lesson of humility, and did not hesitate a moment to do this kind act.

When he called again to see about the situation, he was asked what wages he expected.

He stated what he thought would be right.  His proposal was accepted.  The situation was given him, and he went to work.

About a year afterwards, his employer took him aside one day, reminded him of the incident about the old apple woman; told him he was passing at the time, and saw it; and that it was this circumstance which induced him to offer the vacant situation to him, in preference to a hundred others who were applying for it.

Here we see what a blessing this young man’s humility proved to him!

And thus we see that there are five good reasons why we should learn the lesson of humility.  These are the command of Christ; the example of Christ; the comfort that humility gives; the usefulness to which it leads; and the blessing that attends it.

The first verse of the hymn we often sing contains a very suitable prayer to offer when we think of the lesson of humility we have now been considering: 

  “Lord forever at thy side
    Let my place and portion be;
  Strip me of the robe of pride
    Clothe me with humility.”


If, when Jesus was here on earth, he had shown a great interest in kings, and princes, in rich, and wise, and great men, it would not have been surprising; because he was a king and a prince, himself; he was richer than the richest, and wiser than the wisest, and greater than the greatest.  But he did not do this.  He took no particular notice of them; but he showed the greatest possible interest in children.  When mothers brought their little ones to him, the disciples wanted to keep them away.  They thought, no doubt, that he was too busy to take any notice of them.  But they were mistaken.  He was very busy indeed.  He had many lessons to teach.  He had sermons to preach; and sick people to heal; and blind eyes to open; and deaf ears to unstop; and lame men to make whole; and dead men to raise to life again.  He had all his Father’s will to make

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